10/31- the last Halloween party I’ll have to go to this year, Bella and her amazing hair and makeup skills, pre party power naps 
10/30- art for hearts, Bethany Bulloch, the credits I took that actually did transfer from Utah state 
10/29- winning 3 in a row at game night, Sam for walking me up/cleaning the apartment with me, jack o lantern peppers for dinner
10/28- pumpkin patch action filled days, Day time football games, trampoline parties
10/27- day of the dead makeup, candy at parties, Emma Nilsen
10/26- shopping for Halloween with friends, Halloweekend starts now, chance the rapper overalls
10/25- people I can stay up til 2:18 am with just hanging out in the living room, edgy videos that are turning out great, that people recognize my efforts to be kind
10/24- talking through movies, easy Tuesday’s, chatting with Emma Nil in the hall
10/23- clean sheets, phone calls with Ce, family home evening
10/22- such a fun and awesome mom (HBD!), deep chats with sav on the drive back to Provo, corbin for bringing macaroons back from Paris 
10/21- fireworks at receptions, mom for picking me up from the airport, super nice best friend photographers
10/20- Video’s that turn out even in the rain, sandwich shop editing lunch breaks, beazer lock and key Logan (because I’m an idiot!), tosha and the Evans family for letting me sleep over, bella called me and Syd texted me and people do care!!!
10/19- tender mercies running into strangers that love me at the temple, late night heart to hearts with Alex and Tay, roll with it ice cream
10/18- everything with the homecoming in Vegas ran smoothly, coma naps on plane rides back, dinner with MaCall and Syd 
10/17- $5 movie Tuesday, Italy planning again, no school tomorrow!
10/16- Italy planning, finally my car is fixed and adult responsibilities are over, new episodes of Greg’s anatomy in bed with an acai bowl
10/15- game night with friends, new fur jacket is super cute, being a celebrity in the new ward 
10/14- that my car didn't break down on the way to SLC, weddings with the fellows, pre wedding city creek
10/13- super fun night at lagoon, Madelyn for being my ride partner, my cute new red jacket
10/12- aubergine with bella and Madelyn, this long week is over, running into Bethany, boys night at ecoshield
10/11- chris and syd group therapy, watching football from the grass, phone calls to mom walking out of class 
10/10- $5 Tuesday even if it's a crappy movie, recees covered pretzels, 2/4 tests this week over with
10/9- new hair, chatting til 2am with the true homies, friends that pull through with study guides
10/8- that I wasn't in the accident that caused our 7 hour delay, road trip snacks, Collin for being such a good trooper and road tripper
10/7- Hans wedding, temple sealings and promises, dancing with my vampire queen bridesmaids 
10/6- bellagio fountains, laughing attacks over instagram polls, Hans wedding eve bridesmaid fairies traditions, sleepovers with Eliza
10/5- everybody that bought a Vegas t shirt for my little fundraiser, new hair, Vegas target runs with syd
10/4- pretty wedding venues, nice photographers, when wedding day is FINALLY over
10/3- super tender missionary homecomings, curled eyelashes, this is us with family
10/2- that none of my friends or family were in this shooting, huge acai bowls, a fresh mani for the wedding
10/1- general conference, helping Han wedding plan, getting to be there for Syd

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