This fall has been SUCH a fun time so far! The past weeks have been spent in great company, filming tons of videos, hanging out, and having so much fun. Here is a little run down of everything (& a little vlog at the end of this post!)
Frightmares at Lagoon was such a great time! One of our friends found a half off deal on Friday the 13th so we all hopped on that! It's been a few years since I've been to Lagoon (when I was in middle school my family had season passes and we'd use those flight benefits to fly up just for the day). My favorite rides were the Cannibal & Rocket!
I went back and forth from Vegas quite a bit to film. One of these shoots was a missionary homecoming so I flew in, filmed (didn't even leave the airport), then caught my flight back. The next I had a wedding in Logan the night before, spent the night in SLC, flew in the morning of a wedding in Vegas, then drove back the next day with a friend. I had several mental breakdowns in the hustle but am so happy with all of this new business and how these videos are turning out!
On the weekend before Halloween a bunch of friends went to the pumpkin patch. I'm so happy that we squeezed in the chance to go before it's too late. Taking pumpkin patch pictures, no matter how basic, will always be one of my favorite fall traditions!
Syd & Chris' engagements?!?! :P 
 There were SEVERAL Halloween parties to hit... So much so that by October 31st I was a little bit over it. One of our costumes was day of the dead candy skulls which I loved! It was so simple and easy.
 Another costume that had a little more planning was GO GO GIRLS! Definitely my favorite of this season! Full honesty, I felt like a sassy disco ball.
 Last of all, PARTY ANIMALS! Definitely safe to say we were!!
and a little vlog of all the fun...

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