9/30- general conference questions answered, wedding flower crown making with Han, that my trials are always small and that things always work out for me
9/29- driving through summerlin with the windows down at night, meeting up with the Logan boys, Hans pre wedding heart to hearts, making it safe with syd
9/28- good friends to go through trials with, reminders of the tender mercies, that even when it's not fine it'll be fine 
9/27- finished wedding videos, being able to watch this is us, bowl of heaven
9/26- emailing Dylan for the first time in a while, dirty dancing with girl friends, Emma Nilsen
9/25- that I slept in wayyy too late but on a day I could miss, the nice old man at target that found my phone, phone calls to mom
9/24- all the things I got done all night long with my caffeine fix, la la land, Bella's lava cakes
9/23- something borrowed movie night, girls days shopping, being worthy to feel the spirit during women's conference, new fall candles
9/22- sleeping in, being with friends at ecoshield, the first day of fall & start of a fresh new season
9/21- that it's the weekend now!! Phone calls with mom, easy comm classes, being able to sleep so dang good in astronomy
9/20- morning runs, red flags with friends, feeling like I'm in the right place
9/19- Bella's peach crisp, chipotle with friends, $5 movie tuesdays even if the movie is bad, reclining seats 
9/18- that the kitchen isn't flooded anymore, morning runs, cooking therapy
9/17- a full bucket, relief society, planning Italy with Emma Sydney Richards and Lindsey 
9/16- Provo weddings, not being late for it, leftover pumpkin donuts
9/15- weekend, sushi brothers takeout, temple names with syd, rainy mornings, ice cream museum this December, pumpkin donuts
9/14- Bella's face masks, getting a great parking spot, frozen yogurt girls time
9/13- that I might've gotten locked out of my car for a reason, that I drove safely to and from Logan, roll with it and everything better with syd, not having to be on call for the birth anymore!
9/12- bella for plucking my eyebrows, that I'm going to Italy, Madison McClellan, Beyoncé 
9/11- runs to the temple, bowl of heaven, BOOKING TICKETS TO ITALY
9/10- Matt told me I could drink whole milk if I wanted to, YSA devotionals at ecoshield, the animal sounds game
9/9- front row seats to the BYU game, guac, Sam G for actually saving us seats when everyone else was fake
9/8- Lindsey Tanner, cooking with Bella, peanut butter shakes
9/7- no Friday class and short school days, movie night
9/6- leftover birthday cake, heart to hearts with my couple counselors syd and Chris, ward prayer
9/5- birthday fairy, birthday cake, birthday songs, birthday outfits, birthday dinners, birthday cake (did I already mention that?), birthday everything! Being 19! Best day of the year hands down!
9/4- Bella's haircuts, floating in a river on an air mattress with friends, a day off!!
9/3- new ward, Sundance with the family, laugh attacks with Syd (and Chris)
9/2- new phone, new madewell clothes, the family being in Provo 

9/1- SLC runs with Bella, driving Matt back from the airport, in n out at midnight

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