Just a little blog post to document what the past few weeks have consisted of...
 FINALLY got moved in to my new apartment in Provo. Let's just say there was a little bit of drama getting the keys and everything sorted out... BUT it's fine now! Hopefully pictures of my room coming soon if I ever get it done? Haha!
 such fun bonding with Syd before our other roomies Bella & Maddie moved in (and before our TV worked hah!)
There was quite a bit of filming and hustling all over the place to get the shot! 
Also a lot of killing time at City Creek in between shoots/running into Corbin between his too 
KHALID came to SLC right after we all moved up and was such a fun concert! 
Other things that are part of the new routine are rolled ice cream, 
old  Provo temple trips,
 dirty dancing class @ VASA on Thursday nights,
My cute family came to visit me before my birthday! It was so fun showing them around my new home. We went to Sundance and rode the lift which for sure makes my list of coolest things to do in Utah! 
And waiting in line/camping out 24 hours in advance for front row seats to the BYU vs UofU game. SO WORTH IT!

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bestessays writing said...

Oh man!!! what great skills you have! P.s i like your apartment. I especially like the post with the rolled icecream hehehe, but seriously, you are awesome girl!! xoxo