What is it about the sight of a car packed to the rim with everything I own and an empty bedroom that makes me tear up a little? Ahh change is so hard! Even when it's good change. Even when it's change I've been waiting for since February. Is it so weird that looking at the calendar of May-August I pretty much always thought "I just have to get through this week" every single week and now I'm though all the weeks and want it back a little?

I spent this whole plane ride to Utah scrolling though my summer camera roll and drafting this little blog post. All the acai/shaved ice/ice cream/sprinkles cupcake pics, and all the beach selfies, road trip sky pictures, babysitting snaps, wedding video insta stories, shopping at Nordstrom mirror pics, and profesh camera vacation/trip pictures. And I realized that 2 things made this summer so great:
1. Really genuinely living in the present and not having a single worry. Even though babysitting was tough and most everyone was out of town I truly tried to make the best of all of it and didn't worry about what was coming next
2. Being with the people I was with. I didn't have many friends home but Syd and Lex made it the best with me. And my cute family. They're the best too. Note to self it's not about where you are or HOW MANY people you're with but truly, genuinely, WHO you're with. 

It's the end of an era but beginning of a REAL exciting one too! Here's how I spent my last official day in the 702:

We all took a trip down to our favorite spot on the strip- the Linq Promenade to celebrate Maddie's 19th birthday early!
And it was Lexi's great idea to also stop down by the Las Vegas sign to take pictures!  
 On the way to the airport we had a little family meet up at Vegas' new soda shop, Pop, because Mom says that this year's theme is "it's poppin'' 
is there anything more classic than Drake in this? Lol ^^ 
anndddd I'm crying typing this lol I have issues. Exciting things to come though!!!


CaLea Gunther said...

You take the cutest photos.

Emmy Coletti said...

^ I agree with CaLea

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