Wow! I haven't been giving little speeches in my month in review posts lately but I just am really feeling the end of July feelings right now. I just finished packing up my entire room before driving up to Utah. Even though I'm not quite moving into my new apartment or starting school, I can't help these thoughts from surfacing. All summer I counted down the days until it would be time to move to Provo and start that season. I think it's so hard to leave home because we know we'll never be the same person we were when we come back. That's exactly how this feels. So right to be moving on and out of summer 2017 but also a little sad that when I come back to visit home it will be exactly that again- to visit. So strange. Just my 1am ramblings. Here were the 3 good things for these 31 days...

7/31- my many talents, finding a video song, greys anatomy
7/30- farewells and homecomings, days with old friends, new lace mauve dresses
7/29- safe flights home, the Oakland temple, lavender soft serve ice cream
7/28- scenic drives, peanut butter Carmel cookies, super awesome footage for a super awesome video
7/27-taxi drivers when we almost miss the ferry, gabs for peddling me across the bridge, bucket list items checked off, that only my lens cap flew in the ocean (not the whole camera)
7/26- a picture at Lombard street with no people in it, my cute sister who is in alll my pictures, feed previewing apps
7/25- that one really good pizza place, that one really good donut and croissant place, shoes that don't hurt my feet
7/24- Salt and straw ice cream, ferry boat rides under the golden gate bridge, jellyfish!
7/23- flawless beach lighting, the cutest parents ever, natural hair wins!
7/22- fake lashes, Brooklyn Petersen and the girl from Bowlology who said she loved my blog, great workouts 
7/21- last day babysitting, new camera lens, tender mercy letter from Dyl 
7/20- nails done with gabs, new backpacks, finishing a Netflix series finally!
7/19- new music, my laptop, nap time
7/18- $5 Tuesday movies, Spider-Man again, corbin lex and Maddie 
7/17- shopping, drives down the strip with gabs and lex, dance workouts with gabs
7/16- home ward with Hannah, good relief society lessons, Hannah's bridal shower theme
7/15- jet setting life, uber, delta movies, Hannah's home!!
7/14- pancakes, inflatable pools, spider man with friends
7/13- riverdale, dang good homemade salad, confident days 
7/12- pop with Bethany, the cast with mom, Lexi
7/11- milk bar ice cream, girls night outs, girl friends
7/10- catching up with syd, bachelorette, not too long days babysitting
7/9- flights home, Jeremy and Becky, Juls' mom 
7/8- Cait and Brooke, irelands wedding, mom for keeping friends 
7/7- the "in" aunts and uncles, strawberries on the lake, headphones and hats on the lake
7/6- pickleville playhouse, showers and comfy clothes after lake days, moms workouts, the paddleboard streaking
7/5- DAD (HBD), the boat in bear lake, just a little crispy not totally burnt
7/4- USAAAAAA, flying to bear lake instead of driving, safe travels
7/3- getting to hear from Dylan, good days even if they're spent waiting in the airport, a self confidence day, crying laughing with Gabrielle 
7/2- relief society lessons that are tender mercies, getting to take the sacrament, getting to see the Wunderlis 
7/1- first dates and fresh starts, NY roller coaster (front seat), pop drinks, swimming with friends

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