It's been an insane couple of weeks... actually only one week but it feels like it could've been 6 with the amount that's happened. I packed up and drove up to my soon to be home, Provo UT. I definitely started to feel the end of an era feelings as I saw the Vegas strip in my rear view mirror (SO classic haha). I dropped my things off in storage, filmed a few wedding videos while staying with family, and then flew back home to Vegas (that rear view mirror stuff was short lived) all for the occasion...

Oh my gosh she's really getting married!? Hannah is the longest best friend I've ever had and I couldn't be happier for her. My crew had such a fun time getting all together again (minus Savannah) and throwing the best ever bridal shower for the soon to be Mrs. White. 
 a solid 24 hours consisted of nothing but blowing and hanging up balloons. So worth it though! 
 The whole theme was WHITE (thank's Conor for having such a great last name to base our theme around)
white chocolate fountain, white cupcakes, white popcorn, and white balloons (with a few neutrals just so the white wasn't overwhelming obviously)
I love these girls more than anything, am so grateful that our friendship has withstood the test of college/change/growth, and as sad as I am that Han's in wedding la la land not wanting to hang out with anyone but lover man anymore, I'm so so excited for her! 

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Emmy Coletti said...

OK HOW CUTE IS THIS!! Ever since seeing that episode of Gossip Girl where they have an all white party, I have wanted to have an all white party lol. This one turned out so so cute!