8/31- mini recees runs at CVS, vocal point concerts, comm class cancelled 
8/30- vegan food with Bella, laying out with Bella, institute 
8/29- Dirty dancing, long days that don't feel that long, tassel earrings
8/28- target for groceries (instead of Walmart @logan), bachelor in paradise at MaCall's, phone calls f mom 
8/27- Sundays in Provo, cookie brownie and movies, heart to hearts with Bella 
8/26- lashes freshly done, getting to see dad, that I didn't have to move my own stuff in today and that's allll over
8/25- Hannah Leavitt (HBD), Friday morning temple trips, acai bowls, service for Emma #girlsneedtosupportgirls
8/24- Fixing the wifi all by myself (major adulting), dancing classes at VASA, that it's the freakin weekend 
8/23- Lit khalid concert, midnight in n out conversations, new institute class (and parking pass), off the waitlist for tech 
8/22- emma in astronomy with me, roll with it with Madison and syd, made it through day one! 
8/21- That my prints came/my room looks good/I'm all settled/almost all the errands are done, bachelor in paradise night at MaCalls, tech 1010 is maybe gonna be lit 
8/20- FINALLY not being homeless, new hand towels and lamps and shelves and lots of stuff, lots of hope for this coming year, reaching my goal right in time and finishing the Book of Mormon!!
8/19- feeling full, proposal videos gone so right (even if they're clear in Logan), surprising cait and Brooke in my old apartment, syd and Jolynn made it to Provo, corbin showed me where all my classes are
8/18- Black and white checkered dance floors, Jennie Slade for being my photographer friend for the day, running into corbin at city creek, bed spread price adjusted so that money goes towards an anthro candle
8/17- nice cream with Camrie and Lindsey, number 11 nude gel nails, getting to at least put my stuff in my room early #blessup
8/16- My adulting, starbucks day long editing sessions, late night target runs with Tosh part 2, that the mirror fit
8/15- mad greens, homecoming videos gone right, laying on the grass at Anna's soccer games, midnight yogurt runs with Tosha and Anna
8/14- that mom somehow always finds a way to sneak notes and treats into my bag when I leave, that "if you bring lexi to the strip we'll have to go to the fountains", pop for a poppin new year, that I didn't drive to Logan after flying into SLC tonight 
8/13- fathers blessings before school starts, the pink lace dress looked so cute on me, all the foothills relief society ladies
8/12- new free people shirt, night in with mom, lexis sense of humor
8/11- Hannah's shower is a success, sushi fever is delicious, mom is so cute, good friend vibes, summerlin mom mingling 
8/10- Eliza's in town, balloon blowing up til 2 am, student council flashbacks, movie theatre kettle popcorn
8/9- incredible oquirrh mountain temple lighting, nice photographers, inspiring podcasts, productive afternoons spent in Starbucks 
8/8- lashes by Mady, roll with it with Taylor, mentoring sessions, opportunities to serve
8/7- new anthropologie blanket, people who invest in me, the Alison show podcasts, cute cousin benson's birthday
8/6- the bailey family dinner, good sabbaths, peach pie
8/5- awesome weddings with candy bars and super nice photographers, super short drive from st George to Cedar Hills, tosha and the Evans fam for letting me stay with them, face timing lexi to make the drive less lonely
8/4- grandmas st George house, the Wunderli girls, quick and painless drives
8/3- Sam came home and I did a great job filming it, free people soft t-shirts, popcorn girl with Mom and Drake
8/2- finished San Fran videos, kindof being done packing, productive unproductive days
8/1- it's August (!!), made it through the summer almost, sprinkles with my best friends and future roomies, late nights bridal shower planning with mom

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