5/31- the Las Vegas temple is home, family that's really always there, dad works so so so hard
5/30- the vistas park, money earned from babysitting, voice recordings from dylan 
5/29- bike rides with family, fresh car wash, meaningful scripture study 
5/28- empty flights home, caught up on journaling, fresh laundry
5/27- volleyball tournaments, grilled salmon, mom is so cute
5/26- the Wunderli's, frozen yogurt on the golf cart, heart to hearts with Ce
5/25- being silly with syd and lex, 32 ice cream flavors, the pink wall
5/24- lil yachty (the real life one), drone, living the dream moments
5/23- barre classes, Nordstrom, San Diego lifestyle
5/22- laying out poolside, board and brew sandwiches, self tanner
5/21- avocado toast with grandmas bread, short drive from st George to Vegas, getting on the San Diego flight tonight!!!! Things always work out for me
5/20- not dying on my drive home, awesome groomsmen party, Thai food with fun photographers
5/19- freckle farms, caroline thuet, painting aprons
5/18- Aggie ice cream, Logan feeling familiar, red flag card games
5/17- Gabrielle (hbd), aubergine, movie night at Taylor's
5/16- Sarah brown, true love, wedding reception desserts
5/15- 143 girls, sodalicious at 10:59, protein style at in n out 
5/14- st George isn't even that far, face timing dylan, my cute mom and all she does for me 
5/13- friends dreams coming true (Hannah's engaged), sunrise drives to the temple, bridal showers
5/12- Sprinkles with mom and gabs, new sunglasses, found a memory card 
5/11- summer ritual with Syd, shop syd and mads sale, mom buys my groceries
5/10- new video opportunities, sav’s video looking incredible, getting rid of allllll the old clothes
5/9- Dastrup kids, Dan’s drones, halo top
5/8- surviving heathers hills, using my talents to serve others, a fresh washed car
5/7- family ward, relief society with Han, YSA devotionals, p-day eve
5/6- Sav paving the way, dreams really do come true, ice cream at receptions, pretty grey dresses, Gabs for filming and taking pics
5/5- pre wedding dinners, frijoles, friendsmaid errands to DTS and target
5/4- safe drive back, audiobooks, lunch with Madison McClellan
5/3- finishing alllll the editing I needed to, movies with friends, sleeping in
5/2- LAST DAY IN LOGAN EVER, wedding dress shopping with Ireland, done with finals/school, spontaneous video shoots
5/1- driving back to Logan with syd, funny photographers, pretty vid light

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