6/30- FRIDAYS, trader joes quesadillas, a good instagram feed
6/29- seeing Han again, yummy photogenic milkshakes, spin class with Lexi
6/28- one year, easy babysitting days, Trader Joe's gourmet dinner with mom 
6/27- the temple, good friends, Scandal on Netflix 
6/26- babysitting passed quick, bachelorette, mom
6/25- safe drive home from Provo, sacrament, pics from Miami summer sales boys
6/24- wild pool parties, takeout sushi, catch up lunch with sav 
6/23- nate and MaCall's real love, burgers grilled at home, good drone shots
6/22- lunch with the bride, roll with it, old CHT vids
6/21- pretty sunsets at bridals, corbin Ballard, bowl of heaven
6/20- driving to ut safely, shaved ice in cedar city, Wonder Woman with Provo friends
6/19- sleeping in, sunburns turned to tans, eyebrows waxed
6/18- safe drive back, such a good dad, getting to bed early 
6/17- Olivia's wedding, good drone shots, balboa pier
6/16- beach days, jr shaved ice, hotel life
6/15- pictures on salvation mountain, syd making 8 hour drives not feel like 8 hour drives, Mish & Sam's super great hospitality
6/14- cute kids in a wagon, mom paying for eating out, Scandal (the show not the thing)
6/13- short babysitting days, munchies, fresh tips and haircuts, scandal marathon
6/12- lengthy emails, pedicure do overs, sanctified shopping, acai from mom, moms new car, life changing Steve Madden shoes
6/11- taking the sacrament, nicks farewell, car heart to hearts with syd
6/10- pedis with gabs, actually good acai, 1 year packages
6/9- shopping with corbin, bougie food at maggianos, new jean jacket (even though it's the middle of summer) 
6/8- not getting a ticket, menchies with drake, falling asleep to movies 
6/7- shaved ice with friends, 5:30, pictures of the dastrup babies
6/6- easy babysitting days, cute kids, bachelorette night and halo top
6/5- shopping with gabs, feeling better (like superwoman status), solid foods after that recovery
6/4- club crackers, friday night lights, blue gatorade
6/3- pretty receptions, perfect gel nail colors, nordstroms cafe in between shoots
6/2- getting the ocean of clothes off my floor, pink box cronuts, easy babysitting days
6/1- well behaved kids, yoga on the lawn, acai bowls seriously for the win, bank at shop Syd&mads closet

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