It's been a loong year haha! I honestly can't believe I made it. I'm currently sitting here in my REAL O.G. full sized cozy bed in a house full of siblings and parents in Las Vegas. Now that I'm back for the summer it feels a little like everything that happened in Logan never happened. It's mysterious.
But on the first week of school I made a little blog post and included everything I had learned in that first week of college. It seemed fitting that I make a blog post about everything I learned in the first year. So here it is: 

-It's okay to not be like everybody else. It's also okay if not everybody else is just like you 
-Anything above 30 degrees isn't that cold! 
-Not everybody is as fortunate as you and your Summerlin squad. Be generous.
-A hand written letter in the mail is 10 times better than new clothes in the mail 
-Don't take the sunshine for granted. Or Target. 
-You're so lucky to have the parents/family/friends/people that you do
-You'll be fine wherever you go. And even if you're not fine, you'll be fine. It's just a season. Things get better.
-It's better to go on 3rd dates than 3 dates
-You can survive a small town life but only if you've got people you love with you
-There is no shame in staying in on a Friday night
-There is no growth in the comfort zone
-Heavenly Father trusts you. 
-You are so incredibly dependent on Christ and Heavenly Father. You can not do this on your own.
-Your weaknesses are blessings because they pull you back to Heavenly Father and remind you of ^^
In the grand scheme of things you'll see how everything played out for the best. Until then just hang in there, say your prayers, and be positive

I’m looking back through pictures of fall 2016 when this was all beginning and I see a COMPLETELY different girl when I look at myself. I had so much yet to learn about both myself and the real life that I was suddenly a part of. 
The more I've lived the more I've realized that everybody has trials.

I always compare myself, my struggles, my strengths, weaknesses, talents, clothes, looks, etc. to my friends. So here’s a comparison that I was kind of pondering tonight. Every single one of us experienced a new chapter of life inclusive of some really good times and really hard trials. Even though they’re not comparable to each other in the littlest bit we all had the big ones. So this year I had a big one too. Moving to a foreign farm land with no friends within a 2 hour drive, missing all my people- friends, family, Dylan, fighting really hard with myself about going on a mission or not, and spiraling down into, but ultimately finding a way out of, a heavy case of seasonal depression. While my big trial was totally unique from everybody else’s, it was totally normal to have. And it’s going to be like this every year for the rest of my life. Some years will be great and some will be terrible and some will be in between but it’s always going to be uphill so it’s up to me to make the happiness. 

I'm very thrilled for what this new season of life holds. If you've read this little blog for some time you might know that change is so tough for me. Slowly but surely I'm learning that the silver lining of change is a fresh start. So get excited for lots of new and fun things! I'm working hard on reinventing myself and finally starting to get some inspiration back! Big things are coming!!


Gold Clutter said...

I loved this. I always looked forward to your monthly recaps this year.


brooke taylor said...

where is that cute Living Christ print from?