It's always a good weekend when all your long lost best friends get together and it's always a good weekend when you get to hear so much wisdom from the LDS church leaders at General Conference.  
On Friday night I drove from Logan to Salt Lake City and met up with Sydney and Maddie then we picked up Lexi (who came in all the way from San Diego!!). 
We did some shopping and lots and lots of catching up 
 Saturday was General Conference! Hannah stopped in Salt Lake City on her way down from Idaho to take a few pictures in temple square before driving the rest of the way to Provo where the party was at. 
 Conference bit:
I love general conference so much. If you're unfamiliar with what it is, every 6 months the LDS prophet and general authorities speak to the entire church through broadcasting. A few lucky members also get to hear these inspired words from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City where it's all happening! Sydney was able to get her hands on some tickets for us last minute so we were able to attend. 
The talk that I loved the most was Elder Holland's called Songs Sung and Unsung (in case you missed it check here) for a couple of reasons. First being that Elder Holland will always hold a special place in my heart ever since I got to hear from him on prom night last year (stalk that post here). Second being that the topic he spoke on felt like it was made for me. That's one of the most incredible things about Conference- the speakers talk to thousands of people but at the same time it can feel like they are speaking directly to YOU! These truly are inspired men and women.
The reference to the song There is Sunshine in my Soul Today after several really tough winter months in Logan made the talk so personal. I haven't written much about it on this little blog but since January I've been pushed and stretched and had a lot of personal growth. Though I know it needed to happen, it's been a time when I, just as Holland puts into words, wanted to sing my song so much but couldn't. 
My other favorite theme of this conference was that it was said so many times that all things work together for good to those that do good. In Sabin, Choi, and many other's talks they mentioned something along those lines. Going to college is like starting your whole life from scratch, or at least that's how it was for me. What you did in high school put you where you're at for college, but it doesn't matter that much anymore. So you have to build a whole new life. That has caused a good amount of stress, crying, and fearing the future, thinking about how in the world I'm going to get from where I am to where I want to be. This conference was such a good reminder that I'm on the right track as long as I do the little things every day that keep me on the straight and narrow. We all are. Good things happen when you do good things.
Okay that was my conference schpiel.
Right after conference we headed down to Provo for the party!! It worked out so perfectly that Sydney got tickets at the last minute. 
 Han even dropped in clear from Idaho (that's like a million year drive). Squads all here!!
 We haven't all been together since winter break! Seriously it makes me so happy to have an excuse to all get together again. Blessed that through this year of changes we're all still here for each other and going strong.

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