4/30- bubble baths, May starts = party starts, pretty sunsets with “penthouse” views
4/29- the Lee family, birthday party collaborations, living the dream
4/28- Logan temple (last trip), abs hour at the ARC, grandmas fuzzy pink robe
4/27- last day of art history, Brooke's muffins, getting to catch up with Cait 
4/26- group fitness classes, solo movie theatre trips, halo top ice cream
4/25- roolee video shoots, the maintenance guy that knocked on the door to wake me up 15 minutes before the shoot #blessed, NOT having to go to stats
4/24- driving safely to Logan, grocery shopping with Abby, 3 for 5 raspberries 
4/23- runs with grandma and grandpa, the sacrament,
4/22- Latin dance parties at wedding receptions, mint ice cream at grandmas, happy earth day!
4/21- cherry blossom pictures with Abby and Kenz, 4am nights, packages sent to Dylan
4/20- last math class I'll ever have to take, phone calls to mom, elder Holland talk
4/19- easy Wednesday's, clean laundry, cherry blossoms blooming
4/18- short Tuesday classes, institute teachers that care about me, $1 strawberries
4/17- Sav's bridals being beautiful, safe drive home, phone calls to mom on the way back
4/16- Christ's atonement, Easter Sunday at a home, hospital cafeteria heart to hearts
4/15- sydneys birthday celebrations continued, endless love soundtrack, pancake breakfast in apartment 143
4/14- sydneys birthday celebrations, Provo life, caves, glow sticks
4/13- stats extra credit, finishing school stuff early, not having fomo
4/12- drives through the canyon with gabs, answers to prayers, Cam's birthday (excuses to celebrate)
4/11- English presentation over, gabs on a blow up mattress in my apartment, ice cream
4/10- family in town, Trader Joe's, drives up the canyon with gabs
4/9- chocolate chip cookies, Kenny, the notebook (movie night with Brooke part 2), dad and drake dropping by to visit
4/8- fresh oranges, movie night with Brooke, dad and drake driving safe kneaders with Cait, oatmeal halo top ice cream, new greys anatomy episodes
4/7- hot springs, megabed sleepover with Cait, baby bunnies
4/6- that my worst day is 1,000 times better than some people's best, prince of peace Mormon messages, the ARC
4/5- face times that I pee my pants on with Gabrielle, third day hair still looks good, a B on my stats test
4/4- that there are many ways to share the gospel, 100% on stats quiz, bishop Floyd, midnight cupcakes with cait and caroline
4/3- new denim shirts, good hair days, Abby's soccer games with Kenz
4/2- general conference, grandma and grandpas on the way home, snickers in chocolate chip cookies
4/1- Lexi coming to Utah, general conference in real life, being with all my girls at Sav's bachelorette


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These pictures are beautiful. How do you edit them?