3/31- leaving Logan, girls days, Syd Stagg
3/30- understanding stats (ish), face timing Drake, room mate bonding with Caroline
3/29- sleeping in, sunny weather, Lincoln’s heart to hearts
3/28- white chocolate chip yogurt, visit teachers, conference talks in art 
3/27- blue terrace for getting me out of the rain, Italian food FHE, Ryker's music recommendations  
3/26- Late night silly roomie convos, kaylee, homemade orange juice, Skye's farewell 
3/25- city creek, only girl at bros lunches, breakfast with Cait and Caroline
3/24- jump zone, being good at being bad at sports, Abby Brown
3/23- solo temple trips, color in art, gossip girl 
3/22- Communal, telestrations, entrepreneur dinner 
3/21- Pesto making at 20D, rompers, halo top ice cream
3/20- Lunch with kenz, family vacation planning, good acai
3/19- stake conference, Skye's mission pictures, Trader Joe's
3/18- po bev, Indian food, Brooke A
3/17- acai in a past life in Vegas, Sky and kenz, bonfires
3/16- talking Syd Stagg through the tough stuff, packages from Paris to Florida, SUN DAY 2
3/15- Fresh nails, easy extra credit, SUN
3/14- Brooke's hot chocolate, mission prep, the macaroons I took home from France
3/13- making it home safely, Nordstrom return policy, talking to mom the whole drive home
3/12- the sister missionaries, airport hotels, my favorite travel partner on my last day in Paris
3/11- Eiffel Tower crepès, Dana and Catherine, Paris lives up to its expectations 
3/10- laduree breakfast, laduree lunch, pretty Lilly paintings
3/9- dinner crepes, palace of Versailles, hyper-lapses
3/8- louvre, Eiffel Tower pics, Angelina's hot chocolate (and all french food)
3/7- arriving safely in Paris, finding our way to the loft, fresh french bread, seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time
3/6- travel buddy forever Syd, Delta royal treatment, 10 hour flights aren't even bad
3/5- Sundays not spent in the singles ward, cookies with grandma, PARIS TOMORROW
3/4- quality Nordstrom rack purchases, mint ice cream, runs with grandma and grandpa
3/3- Sav and Brigham, Nordstrom gift cards from strangers, grandma and grandpa's house
3/2- Entrepreneurship class, getting ahead on homework, acai bowl success story

3/1- March, 1 degree warmer, March


Gold Clutter said...

What a month! Indian food is the best!


Jake said...

Love shopping while traveling and enjoy delicious food.