So far this semester I haven't spent a single weekend in Logan. I blame it partly on the cold and partly on important things happening in other places. This weekend flights were empty and (as usual) I thought it would be best to take advantage of my flight benefits to meet up with the fam and the one and only Corbin Ballard.  
 The new In-N-Out by the Linq promenade is 10/10 for both aesthetic and taste
I made corbin wear the lame hat but it contributes to the pic aesthetic 
we also had the dopest live instagram feed. It was lit. 
plus a little vlog action...


Gold Clutter said...

I love your jeans.

No Worries said...

This is a gorgeous place, and I won't soon forget it. Attended an event here sponsored by the company. The reception hour was held in one of the rooms next to the hall. At event venues Chicago I loved the buttery mashed sweet potato.