2/28- That February 2017 is finally over freaking bless the heck up, that February 2017 was 2 days shorter than most months bless up, that it's finally March so maybe spring will come soon
2/27- Pretty tassel shirts, expedited shipping, vanilla hot chocolate
2/26- Filming cute proposals, home safe, the sacrament
2/25- Drakes baptized, my talk didn't crash and burn, cafe rio, movie nights in moms bed
2/24-  My own bed, Gabrielle's silly humor, Drake won playoffs
2/23- Stats getting out early, not failing that test, revelation for baptism talks
2/22- Syd's going to Paris, Brooke Gunnel (HBD), ice cream sandwich cake recommendations from mom
2/21- Sushi not studying, movies with Skye and Kenz, floral embroidered pants
2/20- safe drive home, bachelor with Skye and Kenzie, old pics
2/19- safe flight home, unlimited mint ice cream at grandma and grandpa's, sweet grandparents
2/18- weddings gone right, wedding food, Casie
2/17- out of nowhere Disney world rides, free Greek salad for singing, finishing my essay
2/16- kind of understanding STATS, being able to fall asleep on the plane, Syd might come to Paris, old emails
2/15- Face timing Lexi, John Wahlen printing my papers even though I broke up with him over face time, Cait's late valentines treats
2/14- afternoon naps, art history is cancelled, sugar cookies in institute 
2/13- Finding the shirt, low key Monday's, valentines grams from mom and dad
2/12- Dad flying me home, valentines cupcakes, that I'm not as sick as caroline 
2/11- Drakes basketball games, moms bed, family movie night and out to dinner
2/10- flight benefits, corbin Ballard, great pics
2/9- Sky and Kenzie, finished art projects, grandma and grandpa's apartment
2/8- Actually figuring out an essay topic, sleeping in til 9, coffee ice cream 
2/7- caroline for picking me up from long Tuesday's, laugh attacks at the grocery store, Oreo truffles + coffee ice cream, out of stats early 
2/6- Fresh start=rearranged furniture, Monday mornings, Oreo truffles, ASOS orders
2/5- driving home safe, not getting a ticket, family prayer
2/4- nick jones dance moves, Eliza and Syd, the chocolate 
2/3- syd Stagg, quick long drives, Provo is 50 degrees
2/2- Sushi burrito, John knows the full truth and doesn't hate me, happy light 
2/1- LDSSA, good personal scripture study, heart to hearts with Brooke, new month fresh start


Gold Clutter said...

What a fun month!


Halee said...

I love your blog! You are adorable! You need to do a post on a step by step of how you edit your photos!

Pazzta Tali said...

I really enjoyed this place and you can definitely find me here for more events. I didn't eat anything when on my recent visit to LA venues, but those around me had truffle fries, pizza, and wings all seemed to enjoy.