This weekend I flew back to Vegas (yet again lol) for Drake. This sweet little boy got baptized! If you want to read more about what that means and why it is important to our family go here!
we do a pretty good job looking out for this boy.
I love this sweet fam of mine so much. I love that when I come home it's an occasion, I can sleep in my mom's bed, have movie nights, and laugh my butt off at Gabrielle's silly self. I'm so grateful that I can always call them my home.
I also got to go to two of Drake's basketball games and he won them both! Drake weekend is lit.
dunkin' in the font and on the court!!


rushessay said...

These pictures are so cute. It seems like you have a very lovely family. Drake is looking really cute too. Congratulations to him on wining the games.

Knowledge Fire said...

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