A lot has gone down in the first 3 weeks of this new semester. Mostly just freezing our buns off though. Here's the low down...
 One of the happiest things that has happened is NEW PRINTS!! There's literally no sunshine out here so these always brighten up my day!
 I made it a total of 5 days in the Logan cold before coming back to visit home
 While there we took DRAKE'S BAPTISM PICTURES!!
He's the cutest.
 The view every morning is WHITE. White walls, white sheets, white curtains, white snow, white sky.
My main survival tip for temple trips in the snow is to wear pants under your pioneer skirt. Fashion forward & warm. Lol what could be better? 
THEN MONDAY WE WOKE UP TO AN EMAIL SAYING THAT CLASS WAS CANCELLED DUE TO THE EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS. This was the first Utah State snow day in 10 years. Yes, it snowed that much. Yes, the piles of snow are taller than me. Yes, I had to get professional help to dig my car out of the snow.
this vlog is action packed so ENJOY!!

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Gold Clutter said...

I wish the South got snow.