So just reallll quick before all these goodbyes and going back to college I got together with Syd and Lex for one last sprinkles date (which of course wouldn't have been complete without the pics!) I love my ladies like crazy and miss them already. I also miss my city too. Major winter break withdrawals already... 
 How stinking cute is Lexi's bow!?
Running away from all our problems (college basically)
aaaand a new vlog if you care to check it out...

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Di~ said...

Hi Madison! it's me again, Aunt Diane, I have questions about parking in Vegas.
Do you park for free when you go down to the strip? Where? or do you pay?
I've read the recent news about resorts starting to charge... can you give me any insider
info and tips? :) And thanks for all the other Vegas information.
We still haven't decided where we are staying...so this may have a bearing on that decision...