1/31- Ryker making art history less boring, John for cleaning up his mess, face times when Drake reads scriptures 
1/30- Charlie's, bachelor night with 20F, Johns bachelor voiceovers
1/29- Drake (HBD), giving a good talk and prayer, Elder Andersen
1/28- New shampoo, target and zupas, if then game 
1/27- Visiting teaching, Friday temple trips, caroline on a sugar high, John Wahlen (HBD)
1/26- Winter white gala filming, not getting torn apart in my art critique, pizza pie cause johns almost 21
1/25- aggie ice cream, finding out I get to have dinner with Elder Anderson, phone calls to Dad, Mom, and Hannah
1/24- John & Matt for shoveling my car out of the snow, John for not letting me walk home in the snow even though I broke up with him over face time, cookies (I had 6 total if you count the dough)
1/23- SNOW DAYS, no school, hot chocolate
1/22- ward prayer, the opportunity to speak next week, drives through the canyon with new songs
1/21- Grandma and grandpa Evans, cute coats, mint ice cream
1/20- Cam, hot chocolate, laptop movies, Friday am temple workers
1/19- Out of stats 40 minutes early, future clients in classes, peach cobbler, running, Lauren, John, Caroline, Blake, Brooke, Cait, Cam
1/18- Catch up with John wahlen, social media purges, entrepreneurship class
1/17- Art class, new prints, not stressful institute
1/16- Usu life lessons, easy standby flights home, actual sunshine in Utah, yogurt with grandma, a surprise letter from my fave elder that fixed EVERYTHING
1/15- Fathers blessings, GIRL friend missionary farewells, Vegas sunsets
1/14- Flight benefits, home is just a plane ride away, Gabs and Drake
1/13- grandma and grandpa's heart to hearts, the temple, filming institute vids (having a purpose at Utah state) 
1/12- Blondies, pretty snow not slushy rain, printed pics
1/11- Skye and Kenz, chick fil a, moms phone calls
1/10- Institute, art class, hot chocolate 
1/9- Mission prep institute, not having 7:30 AM class, salmon
1/8- getting through sardine canyon safely, the best dad in the world that drives me up to Utah, fresh starts
1/7- Made it to Vegas safely, sleepovers with siblings, uber 
1/6- Nice San Diego weather, Mormon messages, the best dad in the world
1/5- The Las Vegas temple, fresh haircuts, crazy professional vids
1/4- Sprinkles with my ladies, LIT pictures, compliments from clients that make the job all worth it
1/3- catching up with the 2016 girls for 4 hours straight, Ashley Osorio and her cute example, emailing Dylan
1/2- Showing cody and Kaden around the hood, IKEA with mom, bachelor nights with syd
1/1- New year and fresh start, New Years blog posts, the family ward