11/30- peach cobbler, warm snow days, econ TAs
11/29- Finishing my Econ vid, Carolines happy moods, the fashion song
11/28- Nutcracker with John Wahlen, getting home safely, cozy new clothes ***se keepers, thread, Christmas card, business card 
11/27- A fun weekend with my family, getting to fly back to Logan and party more, family wards
11/26- CPK, old vlogs, Savannah 
11/25- Gabrielle my little shopping partner, Black Friday sales, pedicures
11/24- The church's list of good things, crazy entertaining extended family, more than 3 good things to be thankful for
11/23- My nice big bed at home, crazy silly family, flying home safely
11/22- Drives with Cait, hometown dates with my homies, getting to sleep in 
11/21- Friendsgiving, no class tomorrow, that my toothbrush didn't fall in the toilet just now
11/20- Grateful talks for thanksgiving Sunday, temple prep, apartment 20 crew
11/19- kabuki date nights, my birthday, Christmas decorations
11/18- shoots that go so right, corbin for helping, getting to see syd 
11/17- Not having a headache, being done with the week, getting to see my best friend ever tomorrow!!!!!
11/16- Baby therapy, tv fireplaces, how happy the snow made Caroline 
11/15- scripture study with John, present wrapping, Christmas vibes 
11/14- Counselors that help me get my life together, John for giving me pizza when I had no groceries, mom for the package and love from home
11/13- John heart to hearts making everything better, a family that's so amazing I miss them this much, preach my gospel
11/12- getting to see Hannah, getting to go shopping, the SLC temple baptistery 
11/11- Mega bed, dinner with grandma and grandpa, hot chocolate
11/10- air conditioning, question lists, super fun dates with John
11/9- Being all caught up on videos, Econ being cancelled tomorrow, getting 100% on my econ homework for the first time in the history of my life
11/8- Getting home safely, tender mercies, the atonement & knowing Christ will make up where I fall short
11/7- Making it home safe, getting to be a little jet setter, Central Park waffles
11/6- church in the city, meeting famous bloggers, I know firsthand the Brooklyn bridge is real
11/5- A fun day in New York, pizza, Central Park 
11/4- Made it to NY safely and even got some sleep on the plane, had a pile of new music to go through on the way over, have high hopes for the trip ahead
11/3- That I'm going to NY tomorrow, finishing all my homework, getting my oil changed was cheaper than I thought #blessup
11/2- Planning New York, opportunities to serve, I didn't do the dishes today :')
11/1- Homemade muffins turning out bomb, weights class gains, finally getting to talk to my mom in a second she wasn't busy

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