Without a doubt I've been neglecting this little blog but for good reason! Finals week whipped my bum but I'm officially done with my first semester of college! I'd absolutely consider it a success but I'm relieved that I finally have winter break to relax and enjoy some time at home. Here are a few pictures that have accumulated the past month. (That perfect house you see above sadly doesn't belong to me but I couldn't resist stopping to snap a picture of it on my way home).
Before we got crazy selfishly busy studying for finals, light the world started off really strong! Day one we gave out free compliments in the student center. Brightening people's day brightened mine the most.
 Basic UT date. Saw the lights & had a blast before going to the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional. La luz es muy bonita.
^^ apparently how John really felt about taking me to the lights... 
 The first snow! I'm surviving so far!!
 In case you missed it, our apartment had the most bomb Christmas card ever.
the mail has clearly been poppin' the past few weeks 
SO many gingerbread houses. Sadly neither counted for my interior design final but I still had so much fun making them! 
 Ice skating and tree farm dates are fun!
Mostly just happy that finals are over!!!! Hello winter break!

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