12/31- my wonderful 2016 memories, that my girl friends aren't on the long list of things that changed this year, hosting New Year's Eve parties
12/30- stratosphere rides, Syd Stagg and our unbreakable bond, missionary homecoming videos 
12/29- my joy expanding not contracting, Cait coming to Vegas, reconnecting with everybody over winter break
12/28- bishop Leavitt interviews, pedis with Hannah and April, waffles with gabs and Drake, Savannah Hansen HBD
12/27- Dinner with the Hafen's, getting to email dylan back and forth, being better at personal revelation, fitness classes with syd
12/26- rollin around the Lin with Han, acaii bowls, GAP
12/25- Christ, getting to celebrate Him on His day, presents, fam
12/24- Christmas Eve snowman, hannah my best friend ever, Gabs my best friend ever, Christmas Jammies, Christmas videos 
12/23- Reconnecting with best friends, gelato, an almost healed mouth
12/22- Wisdom teeth drugs, movies with corbin, netflix
12/21- getting my nails done with Lindsey, Jamba Juice and coconut milk smoothies, gabs goofy self 
12/20- Panera tomato soup, mint ice cream, movies with Hannah
12/19- The good drugs, mint ice cream, when the doctor finally got the IV in and I fell asleep, John wahlen for venmoing Han, dad for not judging me while on drugs
12/18- Dad driving home with me, grandma and grandpa treating me like princess Madison, Drake "running out the door to see me"
12/17- White chocolate waffles with John, strangers who watch my vlogs and say hi, extended family that makes me feel so loved 
12/16- Crazy fun Hispanic weddings, zupas with the Wahlens, grandmas apartment 
12/15- Chick fil a ice cream, 20% above average on econ final, back scratches from John
12/14- Comfort blessings, Drake praying for me "to not get a C and loose the scholarship", sushi sushi sushi (one for every roll)
12/13- Finishing Econ flash cards, Cait's Christmas present, parents support 
12/12-  John wahlen, not being on the fence about John wahlen, room mate gift exchange 
12/11- ward prayer, new dresses, crepes 
12/10- Getting my sleep, ice skating dates, having the spirit to help guide me
12/9- Answers to prayers, gingerbread houses with Cait and care, pretty foggy days 
12/8- Surviving my drive in the snow, pretty bridal vids, yoga in the loft 
12/7- Understanding econ (kindof), roommate heart to hearts, interior design projects gone right
12/6- Scriptures, getting a ride home and not having to walk home in the blizzarding tundra that is Logan, beanies
12/5- Christmas card pictures, rice and chicken bowls, patriarchal blessings
12/4- My gift of faith, the first presidency Christmas devo, advent calending, that it wasn't snowing when I drove home
12/3- Heavenly Father/fasting/my testimony to help me make the big girl decisions, temple lights & light the world, John's deluxe food choices
12/2- Game night, religion in life devotionals, phone calls to mom and dad, 20f girls, sushi with John, movie night with Caroline, heartfelt scripture study, opportunities to serve, the Christmas season (extra grateful tonight)
12/1- opportunities to serve, good workouts, pazookie girls night dates

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