Every year for as long as I've had this little blog I've loved sharing my favorite holiday songs! This year it completely slipped my mind in the hustle and bustle of college. So I decided instead of creating a playlist special for this year that I would share my ENTIRE holiday playlist. It's years in the works guys. 3 straight hours of my favorite Christmas picks plus I'll most likely be updating it throughout the season as I find new songs. The best part is that it's just on apple music so all you have to do is click the link!


dispack said...

Hi Madison! Aunt Diane here!
Thanks for the playlist, I'm looking forward to listening.
There sure is a lot of Beiber in there tho! ? not sure how I feel about that! :)
Hey! my sister in law and I are going to Vegas for some fun end of January.
We have no idea what area(s) to stay, can you give me some suggestions? We will probably need to be kind of close to the strip because we plan to attend some shows.
We are looking at AirBnB. Also, tell me best places to eat down there or anywhere.
We will have a car.

Madison Pritt said...

Hi there! I have all my favorite things to do in Vegas in this little video:
I hope you have the most amazing time!