It's the most wonderful day of the year!! My absolute favorite tradition... the Christmas snowman! If you're unaware of the tradition, every year the neighborhood gets together, drives up to Mt. Charleston (or wherever the closest snow is), gets a truck full of snowman supplies, take a billion pictures, sled, etc. then bring it back down and build a snowman in the middle of the road. Also kind funny keeping the tradition alive, last year Han had just gotten her wisdom teeth out when we built our snowman. This year it was my turn so please excuse my chubby cheeks in all these haha!
Also, I put together the funnest little vid of all the festivities that have been going on the past few weeks to be found at the bottom of this post.
In case you feel like reminiscing with me...
rollin' up to da club
 ask me how it feels to have models for best friends...
fave freshman duo
 also part of the tradition... sitting in the car after being out there for 45 minutes and getting all the pics we needed.
 even more of a tradition... Bishop Jim treating us all to in-n-out
 I wanted to make it cute but Dad wanted it to look like it was eating a person... I guess since he's the one that ends up doing all the building he gets to choose
 Christmas Sunday! How wonderful it was to get to celebrate Christ on His day. As bishop pointed out, the next time we get to do that is 2022 and as I pointed out to Hannah on the bench in front of me, we might have husbands by then
The most precious part of Christmas this year was when Drake handed out the presents he bought at the student store with his own money for the fam. Mom better keep this necklace forever and ever.
Annnndddd to top it all off.... The best present I could ask for! SUITCASES & A TRIP!

Take a trip down memory lane with me...

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