BACK IN VEGAS BABY! (or for the next 3 weeks at least!). I've been a little out of it because I got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago. You can still see traces of it in my chubby face in some of these pictures. But I'm back with my best friends and oh so grateful. We pick up exactly where we leave off no matter how long it's been and I feel so truly blessed for that. If you've been following my little blog for quite some time you might remember my first vlog (lol that was less than a year ago. I'm so embarrassed by it) but in it we were on the hunt to get "the floral gelato". After almost a year of patiently waiting for Amorino Gelato to open on the Linq promenade we tried this life changing stuff. Missing Maddie, Lexi, and Sav on this day but always in our hearts ;)
 Also in case you were wondering, after this week I have my top tomato soup choices down.
1. Nordstroms Cafe
2. Panera
3. CPK
4. Zupas
*don't even think about getting the mushroom soup from Zupas. I want to gag just thinking about it after having to scarf it down at 3AM so I didn't have to take my wisdom teeth drugs on an empty stomach. 
Also, major props to Tobi for the cutest little suede dress to wear on this day out. It can be found here and is currently on sale if you want to snatch one up for yourself (everybody needs a good suede dress in their closet) ;)

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