For what seems like so long, 2016 was such a big deal because it's what I was the "class of". When the clock struck midnight and all of a sudden it was 2016 I was probably more scared than excited. I'm happy to say that I embraced the changes that it brought. I made it and more importantly I enjoyed it! 
I'm grateful to be able to say things have changed. I've learned so much since graduation and even more since my first day of college. I'm also so beyond grateful to say that the important things have stayed the same. 
One of my best friends from college, Cait, came down to Las Vegas last week and hung out with Caroline and I while we showed her around our city. I also got to introduce Cait to a lot of my friends since high school. It took that for me to realize that I didn't give anything up though that change. My pile of high school good things is still there, and on top of it is my pile of college good things. 

Since 2016 was one of my favorite and most eventful years yet I decided to put together a little roundup of my favorite pictures/memories and link the blog post that goes with them-

rung in 2017 with my original faves plus a few of my new ones too

as always, the best is yet to come...

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