10/31- laugh attacks with the boys (initiated by expired arugula and boiling milk), haunted houses, that I have enough money for quality groceries 
10/30- hearing elder Uceda speak, pumpkin waffles, relaxing time alone
10/29- heart 2 heart w/ John, great new college friends, having my car up here so I can drive us fun places
10/28- Trips to bear lake, dad for buying dinner for me and friends, hot tubs in the rain
10/27- bring your dog to school day, 2 hour long phone calls with Syd, lunch with grandma 
10/26- Not dying when I got flipped at country swing dancing, preach my gospel, honest institute lessons
10/25- John, Cody, Blake
10/24- Taylor (hbd), a clean room, my own room
10/23- dad for driving me 8 hours out of his way, having my car at college, Cam
10/22- Weddings that are well decorated, temple marriage, mom 
10/21- making it home from lake Las Vegas safe, valet, customers that aren't mean
10/20- getting to take Drake to track practice, getting to take gabs to the temple, getting to see a movie with dad
10/19- dad for buying my plane ticket, Caroline for studying with me, Brooke for the head scratch
10/18- waffle parties, weights class, SIs to save my grade
10/17- institute videos, running into friends on campus, new workout clothes
10/16- making it home safe, Corbin, sweet room mates
10/15- sequin bridesmaids dresses, nice photographers, bundt cakes
10/14- bri Baxter, blood donors, pretty weddings
10/13- hospitals for saving Heather Pritt's life, urban outfitters, hats to hide my week old hair
10/12- my Logan fam, my Vegas home, being just a 1 hour drive and 1 hour plane ride away
10/11- That apartment 20e is the cooking/decorating/hangout/party apartment, Jayden and Ian, moms calls
10/10- Spontaneous New York trips, tj max candles, Cody liking his bday socks
10/9- muddy buddies, John and the 20b boys, phone calls to Han
10/8- Pumpkin carving dates, haunted houses, Lindsey tanner
10/7- LIT fires in the mountains, pumpkin photo shoots still existing, fridays off 
10/6- Counselors, Taylors heart to hearts, pad Thai inlets
10/5- Pumpkin spice cookies, institute, 8 hours of sleep nights
10/4- Thai food that kindof works out, good company, grandpa
10/3- Movie nights with Cody and Kaden, Caitlyn for being my ride literally everywhere, rainy overcast days
10/2- Caroline the best room mate I could ask for, the 20B boys and their yummy brownies, days I know I made the right choice coming here
10/1- Caroline, roommate bonding days, conference questions answered

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