*cue another grunge post*
So once upon a time a few days after I moved into my Logan apartment, I was walking down the stairs with my room mates and there were all these boys unloading their stuff into the apartment below ours. So of course, we introduced ourselves and, of course, pretty much forgot their names the second after they said it because that's just what happens when you meet people the first week of school. It's a whirlwind- you can hardly even remember your own name. But as the semester went on we became pretty tight thanks to muddy buddies, ward prayer, and luring them in with our fall scented candles. Then the building 20 friendship began. Pretty much since the start of all this we had talked about taking a trip to one of their cabins in Bear Lake. FINALLY this weekend we got a chance to.
 Planning activities ^^
 the go to pose for pics was just jumping on each others back's I guess.
Also this pic ^ makes it look like a couples retreat which it absolutely wasn't. 
 missing 4th room mate Ireland (but always in our hearts though)
 John and I also accidentally twinned. We have the same great taste obviously.
ghost shaped marshmallows for the win.
Grateful for cabins and fun friends to hang out with. 

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