9/30- coffee ice cream, new mascara, heart to hearts with grandpa 
9/29- Temple trips with Cody, days class is cancelled, Jayden's weird room mate
9/28- Country swing dancing, Thursday classes cancelled, Caitlyn
9/27- The library, letters from friends, weights class
9/26- Flash cards, snapchat, moms packages and Dyls letters
9/25- Nights watching wedding vids with room mates, Caitlyn's moms imported from home cookies, bishop Floyd for still trying his best to learn my name (it must be the hardest in the ward to remember)
9/24- Box seat cookies/brownies, Jayden, tailgates
9/23- Not dying in the college mosh pit, 3am pancakes, wild Charlie puth concerts
9/22- pretty overcast days, Japanese food with Paige and Lindsey, Caroline as my personal trainer
9/21- Nights running through the rain, people that appreciate curly hair, when your prayers to find Caroline's wallet at midnight in the pouring rain work
9/20- New songs, online shopping, a phone screen that's not cracked
9/19- Institute classes that make me tear up because it's exactly what I needed to hear, Chinese take out, family home evening and the 20B boys
9/18- Taylors family dinners, missionary homecomings instead of farewells, drives through the canyon
9/17-  Road trips with good company to Pocatello, dance parties in Taylor's basement, pazookies 
9/16- 3am nights (perks of no parents), football games, Cody for picking me up and buying me ice cream on a bad day
9/15- my warm bed, the gospel, sweet roomies
9/14- Pre made cookie dough, Cody, interior design projects 
9/13- Cupcakes, Institute video committee, that it's not Monday
9/12- Monday night bowling, Paige and Lindsey, FHE (even if it's not my ward)
9/11- YSA devotionals, neighbors who invite us over for Sunday morning pancakes, food after ward prayer
9/10- Moms phone calls, Mitch for making sure I don't slide off a mountain, the days my hair doesn't smell like fire #grunge
9/9- Mitch for being such a great date, Farmington station, perfectly roasted hot dogs
9/8- Corbin's jijivisha shirts, not having any trial that I'll have to keep for my entire life, a sink full of ice cream 
9/7- Institute publicity committee, Ireland and her ambitious nursing school room mate tasks, Lindsey and Paige 
9/6- Getting back into a routine, ice cream with grandpa, late birthday packages
9/5- Fun room mates that decorate my apartment and bake cake, Corbin for taking pictures, half my birthday wishes coming true
9/4- that moms accident wasn't worse, shopping with mom, Gabs drake and dads craziness
9/3- Dinner with fam, cupcakes, football games (it's fall!!)
9/2- Syd, MaCall, Sadie 
9/1- Utah networking, the alpine village friend group, hide and go seek in the dark

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