I don't think it's any secret that I've been seriously neglecting this little blog since coming to college. It's been hard to get into the swing of things, find my way, keep up with school work, and still document it all. BUT today marks the day I've been at college for officially 1 month so in honor of that I managed to get together this little bunch of pictures.  
 Logan is super grunge but it's really growing on me. I've spent a good amount of time off roading and taking pictures in the canyon (even though it was really too dark to). 
One weekend our little crew went on a wild road trip to watch one of our friends play baseball in Pocatello. Yes, Pocatello. The company is what made it so much fun though. On the way home we took an accidental detour and came across the coolest treehouse ever. 
 Up here in Logan you're the real deal if you can eat a skink full of ice cream. Or at least I think. Regardless, it happened and was a really humbling experience. Turns out I don't love ice cream as much as I say I do because I was done after about 4 scoops.
 my roomies are the absolute best. I lucked out big time with these babes.
 It's also freezing here already. I have to wear a sweater over a sweater if I want to eat ice cream.  
 Football games are my jam but not when it's 30 degrees and all I've got on is my USU hoodie. Your Vegas girl is really gonna have to invest in some proper gear for the 4 seasons here. 
Cheers to the college experience! I can't believe it's only been a month. I feel like I've known these guys for my whole life. I'm seriously so grateful for my Logan fam. When I get in the car my maps app suggests directions to "home" which is actually my apartment so you could say things are official.

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