The thing I've always loved about my birthday is that it always marks a new season of my life not just in age, but also in school, friends, and life in general because of it's timing. I loved that right after I got through the first week of school I could celebrate over a long labor day weekend. This year I was honestly a little bit scared about the timing of my birthday being right after I moved and didn't have too many close friends to celebrate with. All those little fears were for absolutely nothing though- it ended up being one of my favorite birthdays ever.
I was filming a wedding video down in Jordan that weekend anyways which worked out perfectly to also make a little girls trip out of it. Syd, MaCall, Sadie, and Madison let me stay at their cute little Provo apartment and hang out with all their new friends. It made me so happy to know that we're not more distant than a 2 hour drive.  
 Corbin Ballard is the best person alive for coming to hang out and bring his camera along to document our day. He's seriously the realest.
they took me around their city and Roll It Up pretty much changed my life.
My sweet family also came down and surprised me for a day! I didn't realize how much I missed them until I saw them again. 
& Grandma took me out for a little lunch date up here in Logan which was so fun. Notice the pink roses. She's the cutest. 
I also have the best room mates in the world that made this DELICIOUS cake for me and invited a few friends over for a surprise birthday celebration. 
plus birthday packages literally made my life keep em coming guys!! (jk but really I'm so grateful for all the sweet gestures my family has done for me in my time up here. I love them so much!) 

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