I'm gonna get pretty real in this post and I hope I can get my point across the right way without sounding like I'm complaining. I don't usually share things like this on GL but I feel strongly that it's something a lot of people can relate to  but I don't see many people discuss. Lately I feel like I have been stuck in such a weird spot in life. Everybody makes musicals about high school and senior year and going to college and all but I haven't seen/read/heard one thing about what life is like in that 3 months between graduation and the day you move into your new dorm. For me it's a lot of idleness, sleepless nights, anxiety, stress headaches, and crying to Syd. I'm stuck in a position where I don't know who I really am anymore because I'm not high school Madison but also not college Madison yet.
I don't know if any of you have noticed but aside from travel and month-in-review posts, my little blog has seriously been neglected. Same with vlogs. I think a lot of that is due to the things I talked about above.
However, good things still happened. I still have a great life and I tried not to let my little in between season get the best of me. So here are a few things that have happened this summer in between all the big stuff.
Before some of my 2 best friends left (Dyl to go become Elder Hafen and Eliza for BYU summer term) we had a super fun hike that I actually felt like I was going to die on but made it because of such great company
and then Dylan left for Fort Lauderdale which was a test of faith but I wouldn't want him anywhere else! I've truly noticed so many blessings come from his service.  
 Even though Dylan left I still hung out with the fam which was also a blessing
 then I went rogue in my quarter life crisis and sold a ton of my clothes
(thank you to everybody who supported @shopmadscloset_)
 The next goodbye was sweet Emma Park. This cute girl has been my friend for as long as I can remember and was so sweet to take us for one last joy ride in her mini down the strip.
Then it was the 4th of July! Activities included boating with the boys that were still home, treating ourselves to bahama bucks (that was actually a weekly occurrence), and going to a baseball game with my cute family.
Eliza's birthday rolled around in mid July and that resulted in a lot of reminiscing
Syd reminisced too...
I was in charge of our stake's girls camp video so even though I was too old to go, I still got to hang out for a night along with Syd for testimony meeting. Don't take girls camp for granted ladies- I would do anything to be a 4th year one more time.
More goodbyes... Elder(s) Judd are doing a fantastic job as of now in Colorado & Texas!
Elder Hafen made it out of the Mexico MTC by this time which meant getting to ship a package to Fort Lauderdale!!

Also on the topic of missionaries, my friend MaCall's boyfriend gave her literally THE sweetest surprise before he left. I couldn't help but share it because it needs to go viral!!
Our Last Date For Two Years // VLOG from MaCall McClellan on Vimeo.

 I was very busy filming a variety of projects (some of which are SUPER out of my comfort zone and exciting so stay tuned!!)
one of the things we filmed at the epitome of our summer boredom was this...
Lake days were also a fun time until one day when this happened...
Long story short me and Robby flew off the hot dog tube and hit heads at 20mph. He had a black eye. I had 9 staples and blood stains on my Kortni Jeane suit :(. Stay safe on the lake kids.
So there you have it! These were the everyday joys. I stumbled upon this conference talk and it really put things into perspective for me. I highly recommend checking it out if you've been feeling stuck in a season lately.


Lyndsi Buonforte said...

you and your friends are so cute! I want all yalls clothes lol.

Nicole said...

This looks like such a fun summer :) Minus the whole lake fiasco... That looks painful!

I love your blog and just started following along on bloglovin. I would love a follow back!

xo Nicole