It's been a wild week. I don't even know where to begin in describing the emotions that came along with taking a little leap of faith, leaving my family, my close friends, comfort zone, home, etc. So I put together a list of things I learned in my first week living in Logan:
-don't wear Tory Burch sandals canoeing
-admitting that you don't own a hammock up here is basically social suicide
-admitting you don't frequently rock climb is also social suicide
-perfecting your spike ball techniques is not an option, it's a must
-don't even think about leaving your apartment without having your student ID and room key in your hand. It happened more often than it should have
-the shuttle can get you basically wherever you need to go as long as you can find your way to the shuttle stop (I usually struggled with that part)
-if you are in a crowd and have to map your walking directions to your next class that's totally fine, just make sure your phone volume isn't all the way up
-don't use both showers in your apartment at the same time otherwise the fire alarm will go off
-make sure to have a bath robe on hand in case you do find yourself in the above situation and your roommates leave you behind (sorry Caroline!!)

So let's go back to the beginning of this week...
 I took Gabs out on like a billion sister dates since I'm going to miss that little cutie so much.
I got her this little card for her first day of high school because she's going to be a panther now!! 
 saying goodbye to my sweet mom and Gabs at the airport was no easy thing..
But I made it to UT where Dad and Drake had driven my things up a few days before and they helped me get all settled in.
what am I gonna do without little Drake!? 
when Dad was driving me around trying to help me with directions he asked me for the millionth time if I needed a bike to get around. I go, "Dad,  you're really rooting for the bike aren't you!?" and he said, "no, Mads, I'm mostly just rooting for your happiness." How grateful I am for sweet parents that support me in every aspect of my life. They're patient, kind, and really are rooting for my happiness. I feel so blessed to have them and miss them so much already. 
 Apartment room picture before (featuring Drake)
 Apartment room picture before (not featuring Drake)
 Apartment room after picture
 did I bring enough throw pillows?
 I highly recommend investing in a giant mirror for your college apartment. You might look like a diva when you're hauling it up the stairs but it's worth it trust me.
 This makes it pretty official ^^
 Roomies again! We had such a fun time going to the taste of Logan, getting all of the restaurants samples, and exploring our city. I really wish I brought my camera!! I'm still trying to get better about hauling it around places up here.
It was also Caroline's birthday this monumental week!! Welcome to adulthood Care!!
 I managed to keep my goal of going to the temple weekly thanks to Cody, Taylor, and Caitlyn!! The Logan baptistery is so different I had major culture shock (but the church is still true wherever you go!!)
Lately it's felt a little bit like me, little Madison, against Utah all by myself. I'm so used to being in my comfort zone with all of my sweet close friends. It's weird to go from my close knit circle to having about 100 people but the only thing they know about me is my first name. I feel like I'm doing my best, saying my prayers, reading my scriptures, and doing baptisms and all but it's still been hard. As I sat in the baptistery looking at all the other people there (and it was packed), I realized there are a million other people trying their best too and that I'm far from alone. There was a whole baptistery full of people with the same goals and similar current struggles as me who I know Heavenly Father is looking out for along with me. I'm grateful to be among the group that knows Heavenly Father and Heavenly Hosts are looking out for them. If you want to know more about why this is a comfort for me, go here!
 I topped off the week by seeing American Authors at the cutest little ski resort, Cherry Peak

It's been a rough transition but a great start!
The best is yet to come guys!!

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