August has been a crazy transition month but I made it guys!! I feel like I've talked about being in my summer in between season so much and now it's finally over. From here it's all about making new friends, getting into my new routine, building a client base up here in Utah, and adjusting to my this new season of life. It hasn't been easy leaving Vegas behind but I'm excited to discover what Logan has in store for me! 
I think the hard part about moving is just this: Every day you (hopefully) have something to add to your imaginary pile of good things. When you live somewhere for your whole life, your pile of good things really grows there. Everything that made my gratitude lists for as long as they've been going was something or someone that had a tie to Las Vegas. When you move, you have to start a new pile of good things. It's scary and unsettling to not have a close circle of friends or living with family but that doesn't make it a bad thing. It just takes time for friendships to deepen, for you to adjust, and your pile of good things to grow. This is also why the church is so great. If the gospel is the foundation of your good things pile, it will go with you wherever in the world you find yourself. 
So in other words, I'm doing amazing! My pile of good things is growing slowly but surely and I know as long as I stay positive it will continue to do so. Thanks for following along with the adventure guys! The best is yet to come!! 

8/31- spontaneous wedding videos, Caitlyn Algrunn, alpine village 
8/30- Cody Argyle, heart to hearts with room mates, still not getting lost on my second day
8/29- Movies in the quad, not getting lost on my first day, design in everyday living class
8/28- new wards, Taylor Griffin (and his mom for being an amazing cook), a pretty apartment... Dorm life could be worse
8/27- Caroline Thuet (HBD!), concert dates, temple trips
8/26- no curfew, cereal, that I didn't die trying to rock climb
8/25- Vegas girls who are also bad at sports, sugar cookies, mom, Hannah Leavitt (HBD!!)
8/24- Caroline Thuet, Ireland Maguire, Brooke Gunnel, still being able to call Syd Stagg randomly in the middle of the day 
8/23- Blessings for the sick, that dad is "rooting for my happiness", grandma and grandpa
8/22- zicam, warm chocolate chip cookies, Caroline and Ireland for showing me the ropes 
8/21- Having one room mate who isn't a stranger, a sweet dad and brother that help me move, fresh starts
8/20- a safe flight, more somebodies that made more goodbyes hard, tender mercies & the gospel to keep me steady
8/19- pedicures with Gabs, the Las Vegas sky, loose ends tied up
8/18- Hannah Leavitt, dad for driving all my stuff up to school, the fact that I'm not a pioneer 
8/17- lots of somebodies that made saying lots of goodbyes hard, Maddie Fischer, Jacob Judds email
8/16- the bonanza boys, opportunities to work hard, sunrises
8/15- sunsets, new blog designs, Bahama bucks 
8/14- baby blessings, the priesthood, Brother Mackay
8/13- wedding vid opportunities, heart to hearts with girl friends, Advil 
8/12- Sydney Stagg being home, Tylenol pm, Eliza Fellows being home 
8/11- Dr. Hansen, Eagle Scouts knowing how to stop my bleeding, back of head injuries as opposed to front of face injuries
8/10- Larry Ewell, baptisms, Landyn Dyer
8/9- the sweet spirits Dyl will serve in Florida, blonde Hannah Leavitt, Gabs
8/8- Larry Ewell, Robby, Hannah 
8/7- church, young women's lessons about the temple, the temple
8/6- my sweet sister, the Laws, entertainment babysitting budget from the parents
8/5- Bethany and Trents wedding, the hope for getting sealed to my sweet husband someday, the temple
8/4- the Hafen fam, Taylor Miller, new clothes
8/3- game night at Ethan's house, emailing elder Hafen back and forth, Gabrielle for running ALL my errands with me
8/2- MaCall Mcclellan, good future room mates, Nordstrom cafe
8/1- new clothes, apartment decor, the peace the gospel gives me

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Susan Riley said...

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