Another trip another blog post, video, vlog, and travel diary. What I have always loved about my family is that we don't often go to the same place twice. We set out and explore new cities and have such fun adventures. This trip was short but still SO much fun. Here are a few hi lights...
 (video + vlog at the bottom of this post!)

7/13: we left for our family adventure to Seattle the afternoon! Something I love about my million year flight to Thailand is that I can handle a 3 hour flight like its nothing. We dropped out things off in our hotel (after taking a train and walking the last .2 miles through the city hauling our suitcases... Classic Pritt family) and then went out to explore. Our first stop was pier 56 where we rode the observation wheel, took some pictures, and ate some delicious clam chowder. We also got the best dessert ever- coffee ice cream with crushed Oreos. Once we were done we took the city bus to the space needle. I absolutely loved that they set a little timeline out on the walls while we waited in line. I didn't realize it was such a trademark of the 60's and that adorable era. The view was amazing. I've decided I just am a total fan of cities. Cities over nature any day.
the view from our hotel wasn't too bad ^^
classic family pic...
7/14: today we went back to the space needle to check out the view during the day (and take pictures with some better light). It was so dreamy and I definitely prefer the daytime. After that we went to the EMP museum which was so cool. They had a giant open room with an enormous screen playing music videos right as you walked in and me and Gabs must have stayed there for 30 minutes. It was mesmerizing. We also checked out the Chihulily glass museum which was just as cool but for different (and more sophisticated and artistic reasons). After we left we discovered that dads wallet was missing. By the time he noticed he thought it was too late to find but we said a quick prayer and looked for it as best we could. A kind lady actually noticed it and turned it in we found out. It was a sweet tender mercy- Heavenly Father answers our little prayers all the time. Later on in the night we took a bus ride to the suburbs with a view of the city and it was the same one as is shown on greys anatomy all the time. This whole trip I've been super hyped about it from the ferry to the view it's fun to be in a place you've only seen on tv before! 
"Mads take a picture of me holding the space needle!"
"Dad this is a 50mm lens it'll be blurred out"
"always an excuse..."
"okay fine just wait and see!!"
I love their love
I also love that me and gabs whip out literally the exact same face hah! ^^
7/15: today was by far my favorite Seattle day. We checked out pikes place market which was full of my favorite things- fresh fruit and flowers. It made my day when a nice stranger came up to me, Mom, and Gabrielle and handed us some flowers that he got. Seriously it was the nicest thing ever and brightened my day even more. I ended up carrying my bouquet around and taking pictures with it for a bit then handing it to a girl who was wearing a birthday crown. It felt so good to pay the kindness forward. We went down to the gum wall and it was absolutely disgusting. Picture how it feels to see gum on your shoe then multiply that by 1,000. It was not fun but I still participated (how could I have gone all that way and then not?). A little later in the day we met up with our old friends the Murdocks because they happened to be there on a layover. We got the chance to go to the aquarium right before it closed so we were the ONLY ones there. It's so fun to be the only person in a place that should be crowded. It feels like you have special access or something. 
stranger flowers <3 font="">
These are my pure joy pictures... nothing better than flowers in one hand and an ice cream come in the other
my cute momma
7/16: I spent my last day in Seattle taking a fairy ride to an island a little off the Seattle shore. It was so cool and woodland which was really unique. Usually boat rides to islands mean beaches and hot sand but not in this case. After we got back from that excursion it was time for me and mom to fly back to Vegas since I had an early plane to Hawaii to catch. Onto the next adventure...

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your pictures are darling! that's so fun that you and your family are so close!