July has been full of blessings. In between the funnest family trip to Seattle and filming the sweet Anderson family in Oahu life was full of farewells, dinner with the Hafens, going to girls camp since we just couldn't get enough, the 4th of July, and even more farewells and goodbyes. While I was in the middle of July it seemed like a trial. In fact, I spent most of this month crying to Syd & my sweet mom about how I feel stuck in between not belonging at home anymore but being terrified for whats to come. Now looking back on July's high points it seems like such an incredible time and I hope that's what I can remember it by. It's been tough to live life without Dylan and tons of my friends but I still have such a full life.
In my next monthly post I'll have pictures of my new apartment and room mates. My last monthly post had pictures of Dyl and high school and Eliza. (Hopefully that puts things into perspective of July being somewhat the calm before in between storms)
I believe in Christ so come what may.

7/31- missionary farewells, mom and dads comfort, Syd answering the phone at midnight
7/30- birthday parties, Lexi, Tanner Barnes
7/29- s'mores, Emma Nilsen, my city
7/28- Taylor Miller, target, goofy boy humor (honeydips)
7/27- best friend tag videos, pool party heart to hearts, Zumba
7/26- reuniting with Syd Stagg, reuniting with the fam, reuniting with my shower
7/25- music, being home, opportunities to travel
7/24- church is true wherever you go, silence at night, also rain at night
7/23- pretty hikes, telephoto lenses, sweet little Jane Anderson
7/22- my own bed, fun babysitting jobs, Hawaii
7/21- Polynesian culture, flower crowns, my family
7/20- s'mores, mom, my many adventures
7/19- quiet moments alone, 24mm lenses, emails
7/18- beautiful beaches, cloudy skies, sunsets
7/17- the Andersons, short 6 hour plane rides, hotel life
7/16- fairy boat rides, cloudy skies, home
7/15- strangers that give me flowers in the farmers market, fresh strawberries, the Murdocks
7/14- the space needle, views of the city, honest people that returned dads lost wallet
7/13- emails from Dylan, trips to Seattle, my silly family
7/12- getting to see (film) a missionary coming home rather than leaving, joy rides down the strip, Emma Park
7/11- babysitting, ikea with mom, dinner with the Hafens (I miss them)
7/10- farewells, Syd, Mady Huntsman
7/9- movies with friends, Drake, journaling
7/8- girls camp, testimony meetings, my sweet leaders that got me through the hard years
7/7- the temple (even when I'm alone), west elm (even though I can't afford it), moms bed (even when dad comes in and ruins our girl time)
7/6- sleepovers with Syd, emails from Dylan, shopmadscloset
7/5- dad (happy birthday), Rex, Target
7/4- America, Dad, family baseball games
7/3- the church, Leavitt house barbecues, easy dog watching jobs
7/2- the Stagg family, lake days, sunscreen
7/1- a fresh start, shopmadscloset buyers, chocolate chip cookies & sleepovers

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