These past weeks I've been in Ohau filming the Anderson family's vacation. I don't know how I get so lucky to have jobs like this. They were the absolute sweetest family and made my job so easy. It doesn't seem like this but sometimes projects like this when you're filming for days and days at a time and I can honestly say I never felt that way about the Andersons. This trip really was the icing on the cake to my summer 2016 travels. You can watch the finished video & vlog at the end of this post!
I have so much love and sympathy for autistic people after spending so much time with Jane. She’s seriously the most adorable thing. She has this huge obsession with flags. Her mom has a whole bag full of little plastic flags with her at all times. Her favorite ones are the Japan & USA flag. It’s so funny to see the looks we get with a little blonde girl running around waving a Japanese flag. No shame though. She’s such a tender little spirit I can’t get over it. Her older brother, Cohan is such a stud. He's been caught him lifting up his shirt in the bathroom mirror flexing his “six pack” hah! He also frequently can be found wandering into little gift shops to try on sunglasses. I crack up every time. The other brother, Neil is such a goof ball. Any time I try to film him he just runs away from me or turns his head. He was bold on this trip and tried lots of new things like snorkeling (he even saw a sea turtle) and climbing trees. The oldest sister, Andi is adorable. She loves anything to do with animals. I always can find her on the beach chasing after “new species of birds” and inspecting old snail shells- some of which were still tenable to a snail : ). These kids are precious though. I hope with my whole heart my future kids will love each other as much as these ones do. 
views from the hotel we stayed at on night 1^ 
 views from the beach house which was right by the pipeline^
 one of the best things about the Andersons is that they LOVE their food so we were never lacking in exotic meals and delicious donuts
Cohen's surf lesson^ 
all dec'd out at the Polynesian Cultural Center 
I felt super blessed because the kid's grandpa had a telephoto lens that he pretty much let me have full access to. I love what I can capture when given the right gear.  

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