June was such a memorable month. I mean... THAILAND!? Hands down it was the hilight of my entire year. It honestly doesn't even feel like I'm living my own life these days though. It's so weird looking back on the pictures of me in a cap and gown, standing in an asian castle, and riding an elephant because that stuff wasn't supposed to happen for forever right? Graduating, going to Thailand, and watching our boys leave on their missions was always something we would just talk about but never thought would actually happen. It came so soon. I'm finding myself in a world that I don't recognize more and more each day and I know that the changes are just going to get worse as fall approaches. Through all this madness I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunities that I have been given and for my knowledge of the gospel. I believe in Christ so come what may. 

6/30- picnic in the park, ikea runs with mom, my own room

6/29- emails, Robby Adair, temple baptisms
6/28- dad seeing Dylan in the airport (major tender mercies), Abby Lords letting me crash her wedding video, Gabs
6/27- priesthood blessings, Dylan, moms bed 
6/26- Dylan's wonderful farewell talk, Missionaries, Hannah 
6/25- swimming, Dylan, not having to say goodbye
6/24- Dylan, pretty dresses, warm bath robes
6/23- mission shopping, Jane Mann, emailed compliments instead of captioned compliments
6/22- mom and dads great marriage, last dates, iMovie stabilizers
6/21- Hannah, babysitting jobs, future family vacations
6/20- being able to spend time with Dylan, not being too jet lagged, mint ice cream
6/19- movie screens on delta flights, making it on the flight from Portland to Vegas, all the memories I made in Thailand
6/18- Olivia Tanner, Sydney Stagg, Kimber Thureur
6/17- tuk tuks, big surprises, the Devines being so willing to let me mooch off their pictures
6/16- elephant refuge centers, this serious opportunity
6/15- Hailey giving photo creds, being born in the place I was to the family I was, flights that are only an hour
6/14- breakfast with Brad and Hailey, the adorable children at the mercy center, all of my MANY blessings 
6/13- Hailey and brads genuine kindness, Haileys example, being able to follow their journey while we were on our own 
6/12- that the church is the same wherever you go, the beautiful temples, hotel life
6/11- this wasn't exactly a day due to time zones and airplanes and such but I'm grateful for that
6/10- the chance to go to Thailand, movies on the airplane, Hailey & Brad
6/9- all my nights spent in Elizas backyard, the Fellows family, such a good run
6/8- my future husband, snuggling, Elizas pool (this might have been the last get together with all of us in it)
6/7- Rex Nelson, movies, new clothes for vacations
6/6- graduation, the memories I made as a panther, my loving support system through the past 4 years
6/5- seminary graduation, all my seminary teachers, the messages I'll carry with me from them for years to come
6/4- graduation parties, my many supporters, endowments
6/3- my house, dads job, relaxing in the summer time
6/2- sushi, temple trips, the AMC theatre
6/1- grad bash, my future apartment, my future room mates

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