I have a vivid memory of roughly 8 months ago when I was sitting in my government class, hearing my teacher tell us that the graduation date was officially set for June 6th at 9:00 in the Thomas & Mack center. Me and a few friends pulled out and scribbled it down (by scribbled I mean carefully hand wrote in colorful pen). Back then it was just a day on a piece of paper. It was 38 agenda page turns away which just automatically meant that it was a lifetime away. There were infinite amounts of walking into PVHS, sitting through classes, making plans on the weekends with friends, and stressing over what boy we'd get to take us to the next dance. Somehow all that ran out though and here we are. Back then I would have imagined this blog post to be so long and sentimental, full of well thought out words that really pulled on your heart strings. But instead, I'm sitting here on my laptop, with no previous drafts,  just telling my raw thoughts. The first thing that comes to my mind is that even though I'm ready, I wish I had a little more time. I wish I had one more volleyball/football/basketball game, one more weekend with all of my ladies, one more classic Mr. Shimko life lesson, one more morning in seminary, one more poster & crazy event that will occupy all my time for student council.  Walking through the doors of Palo Verde used to seem like a small step outside of my comfort zone every morning- having to talk to people in classes I knew but wasn't necessarily best friends with and facing little daily dramas. Now that it's gone I realize how really inside my comfort zone that was compared to the real world and what I'm headed for. The hardest times in life are truly the transitions between one version of yourself to the next. But I'm ready. 
A while ago, one of my church leaders shared his insight with me personally. He told me that life has seasons and that he knew once I had conquered one season I would be able to move on to the next. At the time that advice was given I was only 14 and barely starting high school. I've carried it with me for this long for some reason and am really beginning to appreciate the meaning behind it. High school was a season that I'll never forget but am happy to be moving on and growing from. Change is scary for me but honestly I know that without it I wouldn't be where I want to be 5 years from now. Change is necessary. With most changes I think it's easy because you don't expect it- you don't notice that things will never be the same again before thy all flip around. But with graduating there are reminders everywhere that not only life as you know it will never be the same, but the person you are right now will never be the same. 
High school by no means was the best days of my life, but some of the best days I think I'll have were in high school.
We all got so lucky to have Corbin come snap a few pictures with his paparazzi lens when we walked/talked
Hannah has seriously been my partner in crime for as long as I can remember. She's the rare friend that has withstood the test of time. She's a hard worker (sometimes too hard- like never has a chance to hang out with us ever hard), and a safe. Anybody can trust Hannah with anything. She's taught me so much throughout our 10 years of carpools, late nights, heart to hearts, testimony meetings, EFY's, church history tours, walks into school, walks out of school, random Wednesday lunches, etc. The thought of not having very many more of those moments once I move away to Logan and she goes to Idaho seriously brings me to tears.
Drake's pretty okay. I'll might miss him a little bit too. 
Second fam. Thanks for everything Bishop Jimothy
Pre graduation the student council banquet was for sure a tender moment. We got all of our chords and awards from these last dedicated 4 years. One of the biggest tear jerkers was when our advisors, Mrs. Vacante & Mr. Powell pulled out the gifts for the seniors- popcorn girl caramel popcorn in all different color combinations- blue and white, red and white, green and white, etc. They said they got it for us in our school colors and we were all confused for a split second before realizing they were referring to our college. We're not silver, black, and green anymore.
 Another tender moment was when a few of the underclassmen started tearing up a little bit saying goodbye to us. In all my banquets I can hardly remember crying for the exiting seniors. To think that we had that much of an impact on them was so special. Some of them even wrote us little notes and letters. Don't worry see you later doesn't mean goodbye guys ;)
Our last day of finals- classic senior checkout card picture. Blessed because we all passed our classes and had no fines!!!
Seminary graduation was equally as sentimental. After 4 years of waking up an hour earlier than most high schoolers, I can honestly say it was still my favorite part of my life the past 4 years. It was the biggest blessing in my life because it set the tone for my entire day, helped me open my spiritual eyes for the rest of my day, and gave me the an even stronger testimony. Every day rolling out of bed, it doesn't seem like "just this one day" won't make a difference. But each day gave me a little insight, a little ray of sunshine, a little hope, and a little knowledge. Looking back on it, every day truly added up. My pile of good things grew immensely and I am grateful for every minute spent at the stake center before school. I'd sign up for another 4 years in a heartbeat. 
To find out more about why I loved seminary so much go here 
& this was a lovely little surprise... Momma I made it in the graduation edition of the panther print hah! We all agreed it makes us look like the tributes from our district in the hunger games.
 Me & Hannah's moms put on the funnest little graduation open house for us. It was so great to visit with all of my many supporters throughout the years while indulging on the best fruit dip of all time. 
It's the end of an era.

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