By far the most anticipated week of senior year- the week student council struggles and spends countless hours to put on under appreciated events every night set to mental background music of the high school musical 3 soundtrack (or maybe that's just a me thing I don't really know)- SENIOR WEEK!!! It's really the official week of lasts- our last assembly, dress up days, and full week of high school ever! One of the major hi lights of this week was the senior assembly. I spent an entire weekend putting the slideshow together and when it came down to it we couldn't find the adapter to connect my laptop to the projector but we made it work anyways (kind of).
 when me and Syd walked into our gov class to tell the teacher we'd be out because we had to set up the assembly the first thing he did was ask us if we were "like snowflakes or something"
I'll miss Mr. Shimko and that man's witty comments. Not his projects though.
top 5 things that I remember most about the assembly:
1. Having the slide show not work and then having to embarrassingly start it over multiple times
2. our balloon drop not working at all.
3. Jacob Judd jumping over 3 rows of people during Panther Trivia to answer the question "who is Mr. Panther?" (if you don't get it read this blog post)
4. Bethany making our council set up chairs for awards night after we had cleaned everything up. Round of applause for Bethany B- always going above and beyond.
5. my lungs hurting for an hour after blowing up 1,000,000 balloons for the balloon drop that didn't work
 The day of the assembly was also the day that my sweet little sister turned 14!!! I seriously overloaded instagram that day sorry everybody.
 Sydney and Lexi worked so hard to plan the perfect senior fiesta too! With a snow cone truck, cotton candy machine, photo booth, live music, and sketchy taco lady what more could you need?!
 Senior awards night we waited for 2 hours to hear our names called and shake the principle's hand. I still can't figure out if it was worth it or not but it was a memory regardless. Also, shoutout to Hannah for representing and getting a second award for computer literacy class! You're dope.
Gabrielle had a week full of milestones because not only did she turn 14, she also had her FIRST DANCE!!! I got to take pictures of their cute group
And my grad announcements came. Things are getting real everybody.
In my next blog post I might even be wearing a cap and gown. The one after that I'll probably be riding on an elephant (we'll see how things go these next few days....)

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