I think the craziest thing about May is just how fast it flew by. It's hard for me to put it into words but in a way I just really wanted to press pause in May 2016 for a little bit. It was surely the month of lasts- the last full month together, the last assembly, the last time walking into the halls of PVHS as a student, the last high school tests I'll ever have to take, the last time I'll sit in my car before school until I see my friends and am socially safe to walk in with them, the last time I have to wake up at 5:30 am to hear an awesome seminary lesson, the last time my student council advisors will try to quiet the hustle and bustle of our class for a few minutes to relay our tasks for the day, even the last time seeing some of the people I went to school with for years. Truthfully I don't know if I was entirely ready for May to end and that's because the next time I write a monthly post I'll have pictures of me and my friends in caps and gowns, my last day with Eliza before she leaves for BYU summer term, and the last time I see Dylan for 2 years. There will be so many things gone that make my gratitude lists all the time a month from now which is tough for me to even wrap my brain around. There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind but in all honesty May is going to be hard to leave behind. I'll always hold these memories close to my heart.

5/31- getting to speak at graduation, making it through this whole school year, accomplishing the 3 things a day  this school year goal
5/30- making it through 10 mile hikes, swimming pools, strawberry refreshers with coconut milk
5/29- my friends music taste, air conditioning, runs with mom
5/28- Dylan, my new camera, the stranger that came up to me and told me she read my blog & loved my videos
5/27- making people smile on the street when we drive with Elizas convertible top down and dance, mom ami gabi, our city (again)
5/26- staycation ladies, Jolynn Stagg, our city
5/25- my student council memories, student council banquets, Mrs. Vacante & Bethany
5/24- the real kissy face emoji, new dresses, seminary (I'm almost done with it forever)
5/23- the timing of certain things, having to re read my patriarchal blessing, watching the bachelorette with mom
5/22- the life the church will give me, the Book of Mormon, vlogs
5/21- boys that can cook, pinball, orange Julius 
5/20- babysitting jobs, sleep, romantic comedies
5/19- senior sunset, camp outs, Elizas fire pit 
5/18- having extra money to eat out, the temple, frijoles
5/17- senior assemblies, the best little sister ever, being in the best (even if I'm actually the worst)
5/16- senior fiestas, student council, Dylan's "chop-shop"
5/15- all my tender mercies, the atonement, good Sunday's
5/14- blind dates, being in my comfort zone, waffle luv
5/13- good video songs, the art district, shaved ice
5/12- temple baptisms, Dylan, firsts
5/11- the best dad in the world, menchies runs, my cozy bed 
5/10- good groups for group projects, chocolate, the Murray kids
5/9- my sweet momma, the model homes, teaching primary kids
5/8- Summerlin Assassin, Lexi Day, Dylan 
5/7- the Ghana Cape Coast mission, April Adair, Elizas hot tub
5/6- AMC theatre, empathizing with friends, tender mercies
5/5- Hannah Leavitt, Hannah Leavitt, Hannah Leavitt
5/4- a clean room, video jobs, getting paid in cash not checks
5/3- the temple, bishop Leavitt, Gabs sense of humor
5/2- bonanza volleyball games, frijoles, the edits

5/1- priesthood power and how it will influence my life, a loving dad, Gabrielle

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