Monday night I was on the phone with my homeboy (the one and only) Corbin Ballard talking about his awesome new job with Haugen Creative and basically just how cool he is when the brilliant idea was brought up for me to fly down to Salt Lake City to take some pictures with him. He took my family pictures last November and they have been hanging in practically every frame in our house. We joked for a second about how cool it would be and I asked my parents not expecting them to say yes at all. But they did. I checked flights (since I would be flying standby) and by a perfect alignment of stars there was one that left LAS the next day at 9:30 then arrived in SLC at 11:45 and another one that left SLC at 7:30 then arrived back in LAS at 8:15. I checked into it and printed off my boarding passes then was good to go. Corbin picked me up from the airport, we went to the City Creek Mall so I could find some clothes to wear then started shooting. I seriously am so happy about how they turned out. Corbin is the best. I managed to narrow it down to my top 53 favorites. I'm sorry for the selfie overload.
we stopped in Restoration Hardware (Corbin's future home) so we could pretend it was my current home. 
 I was so excited that the capital building's cherry blossom trees were in full bloom. There is absolutely nothing better than pink trees. 
 quick behind the scenes. #mylipglossiscoolmylipglossispoppin
Corbin said this was one of his favorites. I hope it's not because you can hardly see my face. 
peace out high school. 

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