It seems like every season this year we've had a little friend seasonal photoshoot. Fall, winter, and now spring isn't the exception. The butterfly garden was the absolute perfect place to have it. Ever since going to the butterfly habitat in the smithsonian this summer I have wanted to have a full on photoshoot in one and I couldn't believe we actually had one her in Vegas! 
A nice old man named Frank taught us a few tricks on how to pick the butterflies up on your finger. Major shoutout to Frank he's the realest.
 lol at the one not blurry picture that I got with my new friend. It's okay Syd you tried!!
this is a rare pic of me and my minions in our undisguised form. 
I will always miss the random Wednesdays that we have random photoshoots after school. I love these girls with my whole heart. 


Ashley Olson said...

I live in Las Vegas and this place looks so cute! Do you know where it's at? Thanks!

Madison Pritt said...

Hi Ashley! It's in Springs Preserve!!!

Ashley Olson said...

Aww thanks so much!! Ps I love your blog so much it is so cute!