Mads' March madness is over! I had the time of my life the past 4 weeks. I genuinely feel so blessed to have these experiences and wonderful memories before senior year is over. Now that its 4th quarter, our senior student council has started sitting down with the school's administration, talking about the program for graduation/what speaking parts we'll have, what color chords we will wear, when the senior assembly and barbecue will be, our very last day of high school ever, and senior week. It's crazy. Weekend to weekend there was always something fun to keep me busy this month. Sadies, formal, spring break adventures to Mexico, and Easter Sunday. The gratitude list for this month really reflects that my little cup of life isn't only half full, it's overflowing. I am truly blessed to enjoy such good company and such fun adventures to exotic places. 

3/31- relief society dinner, grey's anatomy, emailing Hailey Devine!!?
3/30- seminary, getting to bed early, slow days at work
3/29- fire sides, conducting meetings, best friends
3/28- the last quarter of high school ever, friends who have photo shoots with me, Corbin Ballard
3/27- Easter Sunday, Christ's sacrifice, Dylan Hafen
3/26- Jacob Judd, fashion show mall, sleepovers with Han 
3/25- airplanes, safe travels, pretty sunsets
3/24- not falling off the paddle board, chocolate chip cookies, the last night I have to spend in a bed that's not my own
3/23- motion sickness medicine, naps, movies and popcorn
3/22- captain Nancy, Dolphins, cozy beds in the bottom of yachts
3/21- an able body, polite manners, the many luxuries I am enjoying
3/20- Karen Thomas's cooking, the gospel being the same wherever you are, random cell service in remote Mexico locations
3/19- private planes, motion sickness medicine, well decorated boats
3/18- the Ballard brothers, empty movie theatres, my new vacation clothes
3/17- the last battle week assembly, tossing tortillas, shopping trips with Bethany
3/16- manicures, Sydney Stagg's little treats for me after a bad day, conference talks to listen to
3/15- the blessings of the temple, the spirits I was baptized for, Ethan & Corbin Ballard
3/14- tests that build my faith, missionary opportunities, Jacob Judd's 2 cents
3/13- my sweet mom, my cozy bed, my warm house
3/12- everyone who made formal amazing, mom to sleep in my bed with me, lots of hope from the gospel
3/11- Lexi Day (HBD), having faith, heart to hearts with Syd
3/10- greys anatomy, understanding calc, finishing all my homework ahead of time 
3/9- pretty clothes, my own room, macaroons
3/8- craft camp money, cancelled plans, new shoes
3/7- yummy chocolate chip cookies, safe drives to seminary, always being looked out for
3/6- good church lessons, my mom, my computer
3/5- Disneyland churros, great friends, being able to go on fun 24 hours in Disney excursions 
3/4- Jennie Slade, silky hair, going to Disney
3/3- my healthy body and brain, moms advice, tropical smoothie with Gabs and her middle school teeny boppers
3/2- finding sadies clothes, power of fasting, food after you finally break a fast 
3/1- mutual (career night), answers received, Jacob

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