Formal was SUCH a fun time! I think it's because my little group of friends actually decided to GO to the dance this year! We usually go off to the strip and see a show and go to dinner but the formal is a dance put on by our church. So many people pour their hearts into making decorations, food, and other arrangements so that it's perfect for us. The sweetest family hosted us for dinner and treated us to park city salad, salmon, steak, chicken wrapped in ham & bacon, baked and mashed potatoes, baked carrots, shrimp, and apple cider. They went all out and used all of their lovely china and dinner ware too. To me all that means way more than a fancy dinner at Brio or Cheesecake Factory. Our dance was hosted at one of our friend's parent's airplane hangar. It was so much fun and we all danced so embarrassingly hard. 
 I can't help but start off this post with a few little outfit details! Hannah and I had a crazy photoshoot after we got done getting ready and were waiting to get picked up. 
Hannah's sequin skirt is from Bree Lena and her shirt is from a top secret place
my tulle skirt is from Space 46 and my top (dress) is from ASOS
and you can't forget the matching tie. On sale at Nordstrom and I can't find a link to it to save my life
my necklace was from Bauble Bar and it came with the cutest little packaging in the world. Who doesn't want a hot pink box showing up on their door step?! 
I would die without these girls and my sweet momma and little sister. #realtalk
now there's only one more dance left of high school.......


Rosa Penkalsky said...

Hey! Just wondering where you bought your skirt? The link doesn't lead to anywhere:/ Love love your blog btw:)

Madison Pritt said...

Rosa- Oh no! I'll have to fix that ASAP thanks for letting me know! I got it from http://www.space46boutique.com

Hope this helps :)