February was crazy (but it will most likely be NOTHING in comparison to Mad's March madness lol). My life practically revolved around Mr. Panther and I'm still trying to get the hang of balancing blog pictures, instagram pictures, vlogs, and videos! Even though I love doing this stuff it can be kind stressful sometimes because I'm so OCD and need it all to be perfectly in order and on here. It's also hard to balance this along with figuring out what in the world I'm going to do with my life. I know that everything is going to fall into place but I still am terrified of stepping into the next season of my life. It's hardly even time to be worried about that considering I haven't even graduated yet but I can't help but feel overwhelmed at all of the things I have to do to become who I want to be in the next few years. In the midst of all this craziness, I am so glad that I have my little gratitude list still going strong! It is so wonderful to constantly be reminded of my countless blessings!

2/29- an awesome February, bachelor night with friends, my sweet mom 

2/28- opportunities to serve, goals, in-the-shower revelation 
2/27- baby chicks, Temples, pretty pictures 
2/26- leaders who drive us to Provo, Hannah's cousins who let us stay in their house, fun friends to drive with
2/25- having a good devotional, Rachel's tutoring, mr. Shimko's life lessons
2/24- craft camp applicants, my laptop and modern technology, heart to hearts with grandpa &I extended family
2/23- people willing to room with me, new opportunities, Target
2/22- a dad who is willing to help me pay for college expenses, online shopping, DIY gel nails
2/21- always being looked out for, new swimsuits, opportunities to teach lessons in YW
2/20- Jesus Christ, Dan Reynolds, craft camp
2/19- the Stagg family, the fact I even got ACCEPTED to go to Thailand with my idols, babysitting jobs 
2/18- not throwing up, video jobs, priesthood power
2/17- smoothies, cute clothes, getting off work early
2/16- sister Francis, sister Davis, having a day off
2/15- bachelor nights, sweat pants, Elizas hot tub
2/14- mom as my Valentine, heart to hearts with Syd Stagg (serious emphasis on that one), confirmation and comfort of the spirit 
2/13- early valentines dates, fondue, the Fellows family 
2/12- finally getting a break, Panera with friends, my laptop
2/11- mr Panther boys, that somebody actually bid on my video, senior class stu co
2/10- an amazing senior year, fluffy white bed sheets, the Mr. Panther contestants for being SO supportive of the little videos I made of them
2/9- Sister Francis, the Bulloch's lovely house, Bethany's kindness for letting my wear her white dress
2/8- hilarious Mr. Panther dress rehearsals, people noticing last weeks vlog absence, a dad who encourages me to persevere 
2/7- the Broncos winning the Super Bowl (for moms sake), Amy Leavitts bean dip, scriptures
2/6- Brooklyn chaise, 80% off Kate spade bags, parents who love each other
2/5- patriarchal blessings, mommy daughter movie nights, my good health and able body
2/4- my one line a day journal, the scriptures, my phone
2/3- slow work days, moms valentines notes, the opportunity to get an education
2/2- sister Francis, Madysen huntsman, the Holy Ghost 
2/1- video making assistants, multiple appreciation texts from friends today, hot Mormons accounts

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