I don't have any idea who started this tradition in the first place, but since I was a freshman I would watch the upper class men completely ditch our school's sadies dance and go the short 4 hour bus ride to Disneyland. It got to the point where our school doesn't even have a sadies dance anymore because everybody would just do this (and I can totally see why)! We left Vegas at around 5:00 am (we were supposed to leave at 4:30 but one of the drivers was late), drove to California, and arrived in the happiest place on Earth at around 9:30 which gave us 14 hours to wait in line, ride rides, take pictures, eat churros, and destroy our feet before we departed at 12:00. It was so much fun but I was more tired than I had ever been in my life. We tracked it on our phones and it turns out I walked 11 miles and burned 3,000 calories all on nothing but 5 hours of sleep and a couple churros. I guess that's Disney magic for ya. It was such a hustle I had a hard time getting any pictures or videos but I tried hah! Here's the outcome of what's left of sadies 2016: (video at the bottom of this post)
 sadies with my ladies. This is the classic pier picture we took last year
this was the only shot of our whole little group that we got and of course it was BLURRY... oh well its the memories that count
love at first bite (I'm talking about the churro)
Sav's new trick

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