Spring came so stinking early this year! I remember last year at this time, it snowed. Literally snow came down miraculously in Las Vegas. Then this year at this time I'm wearing sandals. What the heck hah! Anyways, I thought I would share a few of the spring faves I've picked up the past few weeks! I'm not really one for outfit posts but I was just really feeling it today (lol at my lameness). 
first round of faves- My new HOT PINK Fossil purse. Holy cow I fell in love when I saw it. Plus the Fossil outlet was 60% off so it wasn't a splurge at all. I've been wanting a bold cross body purse for the spring time and had my eye on a few Kate Spade ones but they cost pretty much 3 videos so I was so so happy when I found that little gem. The keychain is also from fossil. I needed a new once since I've had my other one ever since I got my car (almost 2 years ago) and it was getting a little rough. My phone case is from Kate Spade and was only $12 at the outlet!! If you guys ever find yourselves in Vegas I highly recommend taking a stop at the premium outlets because you'll walk out of there with $1,000 worth of stuff but only spend $50 I swear.
purse | keychain | phone case no longer available :(
 Also on sale at the outlets was this little (or big) wonder! I thought I was dreaming when the sales woman told me it was 80% off! I thought it would be perfect for college when I'm hauling my laptop around everywhere. It already has proven itself to me because I had to haul my laptop everywhere during the Mr. Panther weeks hah!
yay for spring outfits!

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