This weekend was an early start to what I'm calling "Mad's March Madness". In the next 3 weeks I have sadies in Disneyland, Formal, battle of the sexes week, then spring break in a top secret destination (get excited it's going to be crazy)! Friday night I drove up to Provo, spent the night at my friend's cousin's house, then went to the Provo City Center Temple open house. It was so amazing to be able to go inside and tour the entire thing. I've never had the opportunity to go beyond the baptismal room in a temple so it was so awesome to be able to enjoy it all. I could hardly even take it all in. The architecture was so cool (I highly recommend watching this video about it if you want to learn more) and every detail was so stunning!
If you want to read more about why this place is so special go HERE>>
It was so sunny on this side of the temple hah! Taking pictures was rough
After being in the sun for 5 minutes I was seriously questioning my turtle neck sweater/life decisions... it came off pretty soon after this picture was taken
I've been in young womens with these girls for as long as I can remember! It makes the experience 20 times more enjoyable being able to laugh with them and learn from their testimonies. I'm seriously going to miss the little laurel sisterhood we have going when we're all off at college!
It was so special being able to have my little sister there with me too!
the whole gang
 We were so stinking tired it was ridiculous. I'm pretty positive I was half asleep when I took this picture to be honest.
Jacob was wayyyy late asking me to formal/saying yes to me for sadies but he finally told me that he "would love to go to both with this 'chick.'" Watch the vlog (or just scroll to the bottom of this post) to hear some of their chirping sounds its the sweetest little thing!

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